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Vol. I, No. 5 March 2001

passionate transpositions

image by Lara Odell

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Guest editor
Nada Gordon

Maria Damon
Chris Stroffolino
Ange Mlinko
Alan Sondheim
Prageeta Sharma
Arpine Grenier
Brian Kim Stefans
Adeena Karasick
David Hess
Cole Heinowitz

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Guest editor
Deb Comerford

Aileen Kelly
Alison Croggon
Anita Heiss
Cassie Lewis
Dipti Saravanamuttu
Emma Lew
Geraldine McKenzie
Hazel Smith
Jacinta Aboukhater
MTC Cronin
Morgan Yasbincek
Romaine Moreton
Tracy Ryan


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Jo Ann Wasserman

Lucy Sheerman discusses Book of The Fur with its writer Redell Olsen

Book of The Fur by Redell Olsen

Sari Broner discusses “The Incognito Body” with its author Cynthia Hogue

Cynthia Hogue's “The Incognito Body”


With email from:
Kelly Everding, Mary Berger, Kristy Anderson, Shelley Jackson, Jeff Hamilton, Jeanne Heuving, Roberta Sims

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Guest editor
Jeanne Heuving


Lissa Wolsak, “An heuristic prolusion

Susan Clark, “as lit x: the syntax of adoration”

Kathleen Fraser To book as in to foal. To son.

Carla Harryman, Parallel/Play"

Leslie Scalapino, transcription-(or lineage) as visual

ON HOW(ever)

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, A few words about HOW(ever), 1983-1992”

Kathleen Fraser, The Jump: Editing HOW(ever)

Linda Kinnahan, 'A Peculiar Hybrid': The Feminist Project of HOW(ever)

Elisabeth Frost, HOW(ever)and the Feminist Avant-Garde”

Ann Vickery, Kathleen Fraser's Feminist Alternative: HOW(ever)

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Mina Loy: A Symposium
Edited by Hilda Bronstein

Hilda Bronstein “‘Intermittent — Unfinishing:’ Mina Loy and the elusive text as resistance

Peter Nicholls “‘Arid clarity’: Ezra Pound, Mina Loy, and Jules Laforgue

Alex Goody, Gender, Authority and the Speaking Subject, or: Who is Mina Loy?

African-American New Poetries
Edited by Kathy Lou Schultz

Kathy Lou Schultz, “Rock and a Hard Place: Erica Hunt and the Poetics of African-American Postmodernity

Meta DuEwa Jones, “Slam Nations: Emerging Poetries, Imagined Communities”

Harryette Mullen,The Cracks Between What We Are and What We Are Supposed to Be: Stretching the Dialogue of African-American Poetry



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new writing . o O

Guest editor
Renee Gladman

Aja Couchois Duncan
Deborah Richards
Bhanu Kapil Rider
Dodie Bellamy
Juliana Spahr

“Postings from Britain”
Edited by Caroline Bergvall

Tertia Longmire
Karlien van den Beukel
Edith Marie Pasquier
Shelby Matthews
Maggie O'Sullivan
Redell Olsen
Denise Riley
Caroline Bergvall

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Artwork by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo
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Short commentaries on recent writing by:

Marjorie Perloff, Rochelle Owen’s Luca: Discourse on Life and Death

Anna Reckin, Cecilia Vicuña’s Cloud-Net

Brian Kim Stefans, Jennifer Moxley's Wrong Life

Ramez Qureshi,Fanny Howe, Selected Poems

Frances Presley, Nicholas Johnson’s foil: defining poetry 1985-2000

Janet Bowdan, Susan M. Schultz's Aleatory Allegories

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mixed media

Co-ordinated by
Anya Lewin

Infinite Fracture by Anya Lewin

Texts/Drawings by Lara Odell

Broder by Anna Reckin and Paulette Myers-Rich

Infinite Fracture
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How(ever) Archive [1983-1992], and How2, V. I, n. 1-3.


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