Books recently received and noted. Readers and publishers are encouraged to send in listings for this section, or copies of new books for review in "alerts". (See masthead for postal address.) Many small press books, particularly if not listed with ordering addresses, may be ordered from Small Press Distribution: FAX (510) 524-0852 /or, toll-free (800) 869-7553.

In'Print coordinator: Kate Fagan <>

Holly Baggett. Dear Tiny Heart: The Letters of Jane Heap and Florence Reynolds. New York Press, 2000.

Susan Bee and Mira Schor, eds. M/EA/N/I/N/G: An Anthology of Artists� Writings, Theory, and Criticism. Duke UP, 2000. $22.95

Catherine G. Bellver. Absence and Presence: Spanish Women Poets of the Twenties and Thirties. Bucknell UP, 2000. $49.50

Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge. Audience (in progress). New York: Belladonna* 8, Fall 2000. $4.00 mail order.

Judith Beveridge. Ignition. Sydney: Vagabond, April 2001. Aus$7.70

Michael Brennan and Peter Minter, eds. Calyx: 30 Contemporary Australian Poets. Sydney: Paper Bark Press, 2000. Contributors include Susan Bower, Alison Croggon, MTC Cronin, Kate Fagan, Jane Gibian, Coral Hull, Emma Lew, Cassie Lewis, Kate Lilley, Geraldine McKenzie, Felicity Plunkett, Zan Ross, Tracy Ryan, D�pti Saravanamuttu, and Kirsten Tranter. US/UK: Aus:

Pam Brown. Drifting Topoi. Sydney: Vagabond, 2000. Aus.$7.70

Mary Burger. Eating Belief, an excerpt from The Boy Who Could Fly. New York: Belladonna*1, Summer 2000.

Melody Sumner Carnahan. Tango. Video with audiowork. Written by Carnahan, produced in collaboration with video artist Susanna Carlisle. Voices of Richard Buckam and Joan La Barbara. Recorded November 2000 at the ABC, Sydney, and January 2001 in Santa Fe. Contact Burning Books for details:, or visit www.readsouthwest/com/bbooks.html

Alicia Cohen. bEAR. Handwritten, 2000.

Wanda Coleman. Mercurochrome: New Poems. Black Sparrow, 2000. Paper $17.00 cloth trade $30.00 signed cloth edition $35.00

MTC Cronin. Talking to Neruda�s Questions and Bestseller. Sydney: Stray Dog Editions (Vagabond), Feb/April 2001.

Allison Cummings. �Where Lyric Tradition Meets Language Poetry� CD-ROM featuring poetry by Rae Armantrout, Lucie Brock-Broido, Barbara Guest, Brenda Hillman, and Lyn Hejinian. Features up-to-date biographical and bibliographical information on each poet, contact information for small press publishers, and links to Web sites for these and other poets who read at the conference. $5.00. Contact Allison at

Ren�e R. Curry. White Women Writing White: H.D., Elizabeth Bishop, Sylvia Plath, and Whiteness. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000. $59.95

Dana Curtis. The Body�s Response to Famine. Pavement Saw, 2000.

Claude De Burine. Words Have Frozen Over. Translated from the French by Martin Sorrell, with an Introduction by Susan Wicks. Forthcoming from Arc, June 2001. �8.95

Johanna Drucker. Night Crawlers on the Web. Granary, 2001. $12.00

Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Genders, Races and Religious Cultures in Modern American Poetry, 1908-1934. Cambridge Studies in American Literature and Culture, Vol.125. Cambridge UP, February 2001.

Kate Fagan. return to a new physics. Sydney: Vagabond, 2000. Aus.$7.70

Fence magazine Spring/Summer 2000 includes statements from the poetics symposium at the conference �Where Lyric Meets Language: Innovative Writing by Women� (Barnard 1999). Harryette Mullen, Brenda Hillman, Ann Lauterbach, Lyn Hejinian, Barbara Guest, Rae Armantrout, Lucie Brock-Broido.

Maria Stadter Fox. The Troubling Play of Gender: The Phaedra Plays of Tsvetaeva, Yourcenar, and H.D. Susquehanna UP. $48.50

Heather Fuller. Madonna Fatigue. Meow, 2000. $6.00

Katherine Gallagher. Tigers on the Silk Road. Arc, 2000. �6.95

Keri Glastonbury. Super/Regional. Sydney: Vagabond, March 2001. Aus$7.70

Liz Gonzalez. beneath bone. Manifest, 2000. $10.50

Camille Guthrie. The Master Thief. Subpress Collective, 2000.

JS Harry. Sun Shadow, Moon Shadow. Sydney: Stray Dog Editions/Vagabond, 2000.

Shiela Sanchez Hatch. Strong Box Heart. Wings, 2000. $14.00

Lyn Hejinian. The Language of Inquiry. U of California P, 2000. Paper $17.95, hardcover $45.00

Lyn Hejinian and Emilie Clark. The Lake. New York: Granary, 2001. $19.95

Anne F. Herzog and Janet E. Kaufmann, eds. �How Shall We Tell Each Other of the Poet?�: The Life and Writing of Muriel Rukeyser. Palgrave. Paperback out in January 2001. $18.95

Mary Rising Higgins. Oclock. Potes & Poets, 2000. $13.00

Libby Houston. Selected Poems 1961-1998. Slow Dancer, 2001. Post: 59 Parliament Hill, London NW3 2TB

Fanny Howe. Selected Poems. U of California P, 2000. Paper $15.95, $40.00

Fanny Howe. Parts from Indivisible. New York: Belladonna* 4, Fall 2000. $4.00 mail order.

Susan Howe and Susan Bee. Bed Hangings. New York: Granary, 2001. $14.95

Edmond Jabes and Ed Epping. Desire for a Beginning Dread of One Single End. Translations of Jabe by Rosmarie Waldrop, illustrations by Ed Epping. New York: Granary 2001. $15.00

Lisa Jarnot. Two of Everything. Meow, 2000. $6.00

Lisa Jarnot. Ring of Fire. Zoland Books, February 2001.

Beth Baruch Joselow. Self Regard. Chax, 2000. $12.00

Alison Knowles. Footnotes: collage journal 30 years. Granary, 2000. $45.00

Holly A. Laird. Women Coauthors. U of Illinois P, 2000. $29.95

Constance Lewallen with John Ashbery and Carter Ratcliff. Joe Brainard: A Retrospective. New York: Granary, 2001. $29.95

Kimberly Lyons. Abracadabra. Granary, 2000. $12.00

Anna Mendelssohn (aka Grace Lake). Implacable Art. Salt, 2000. $12.95

Jo Milne and Drew Milne. Pianola. Rem Press, 2000. Post: 6 Grasmere Gardens, Cambridge CB4 3DR

Verner D. Mitchell. This Waiting for Love: Helene Johnson, Poet of the Harlem Renaissance. U of Massachusetts P. $24.95

Linda M. Montano. Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties. U of California P, 2000. Paper $24.95, hardcover $60.00

Laura Mullen. Translation Series. New York: Belladonna* 6, Fall 2000. $4.00 mail order.

Sheila E. Murphy. The Indelible Occasion. Potes & Poets, 2000. $11.50

Sheila E. Murphy. Chances with the Willow. Melquiades/BooksOut, 2001. $7.50. Post: 4717 Old Mill Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46807

Beth Murray. 12 Horrors. New York: Belladonna* 7, Fall 2000. $4.00 mail order.

Denise Newman. Human Forest. Apogee, 2000. $12.95

Redell Olsen. Book of the Fur. Rem Press, 2000.

Lisa Rado. The Modern Androgyne Imagination: A Failed Sublime. UP of Virginia, 2000. Paper $18.50; cloth $57.50.� Covers H.D. and Virginia Woolf.

Denise Riley. Selected Poems. Reality Street Editions, 2000. �7.50

Fran Ross. Oreo. New edition with foreword by Harryette Mullen. Northeastern UP. $15.95

Jerome Rothenberg & Steven Clay (eds). A Book of the Book: Some Works & Projections about the Book & Writing. Granary, 2000. $28.95 or hardback $44.95. Includes work by Anne Waldman, Rosmarie Waldrop, Gertrude Stein, Susan Howe, Marjorie Perloff, Johanna Drucker, Alison Knowles, Barbara Fahrner.

Camille Roy. Dream Girls. New York: Belladonna* 2, Summer 2000. $4 mail order.

Tracy Ryan. Ex Opere Operato. Sydney: Vagabond, 2000. Aus$7.70

Leslie Scalapino. R-hu. Atelos, 2000. $12.95

Susan M. Schultz. Aleatory Allegories. Applecross, WA: Salt, 2000.

Eleni Sikelianos. Excerpts from The Book of Jon. New York: Belladonna* 5, Fall 2000. $4.00 mail order.

Hazel Smith. Keys Round Her Tongue. Woolooware, NSW: Soma Publishing, 2000.

Juliana Spahr. Everybody�s Autonomy: Connective Reading and Collective Identity. U of Alabama P, 2000. Paper $24.95, cloth $49.95

Morton Subtonick. Gestures. DVD-cdrom. Includes four new stories by Melody Sumner Carnahan, performed by Joan La Barbara, with music by Morton Subotnick and visuals by Steven Subotnick. Available Spring 2001 from Mode Records, NYC.

Carmen Tafolla. Sonnets and Salsa. Wings, 2000. $16.00

Anne Tardos. Uxudo. O Books with Tuumba Press, 2000. $15.00

Michelle A Taylor. Bloom. Sydney: Vagabond, March 2001. Aus$7.70

Molly Tenenbaum. By a Thread. Van West & Co, 2000. $14.00

Sharon Thesen. A Pair of Scissors. Anansi, 2000.

Madeline Tiger. White Owl. Spuyten Duyvil, 2000. $5.00

Pamela Uschuk. Finding Peaches in the Desert. Wings, 2000. $16.00

Ann Vickery. Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing. Wesleyan UP, 2000. Paper $24.95, cloth $60.00

Cecilia Vicu�a. Bloodskirt. New York: Belladonna* 3, Fall 2000. $3.00

Liz Waldner. Call. Meow, 2000. $6.00

Susan Wheeler. Source Codes. Forthcoming from Salt, May 2000. $12.95

Barbara Will. Gertrude Stein and the Problem of Genius. Edinburgh UP. $32.00. In the US, order through Columbia UP.

Joanne Winning. The Pilgrimage of Dorothy Richardson. U of Wisconsin P. Paper $22.95, cloth $57.95

Laura Wright. Everything Automatic. New York: Belladonna* 9, Fall 2000. $4.00 mail order.

Linda Zionkowski. Men�s Work: Gender, Class, and the Professionalization of Poetry. Palgrave, January 2001. $49.95

Readers are invited to write informal, reflective and/or analytic responses to the above books. Please e-mail HOW2 <> to let us know which books you'd like to comment on...or other books for listing here.


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