Maggie O'Sullivan

Working Note

The two sections chosen here are from red shifts. The generation of the text takes place as verbal installations, visual breathings, maps, meditations, assemblings inspired by, among other things, my father's wordings and the New Grange markings.


from Red Shifts     (these pieces open in new browser windows)



BIO: Maggie O'Sullivan lives and works in England. Her fourteen bookworks include Unofficial Word (Galloping Dog, 1998), In the House of the Shaman (Reality Street 1993). She edited Out Of Everywhere: linguistically innovative poetry by women in North America & the UK (Reality Street, 1996). Her work has been included in numerous anthologies including Poems for the Millennium, vol. 2, ed.. J. Rothenberg & P. Joris (University of California Press, 1998). Her most recent project red shifts is forthcoming from Etruscan Books, 2001.

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