Tertia Longmire


Working Note

The Table Leaks Its Object (Magpie Press 1998) locates a very public form of inscription but which is marginalised as text. The book comprises transcriptions of graffiti found on desk lids of thirty school examination tables abandoned in south London after their final use in July 1996. Every page of text represents all legible written graffiti from a single desk. The earliest date recorded is 1972. This text is the subject for an investigation into the activity of writing and publication and calls to question the motivation for performative language. The project has been adapted for the web.

"The Table Leaks its Objects" (this piece opens in a new browser window)

originally published in limited edition by
Magpie Press ISBN 0 9523880 73



Bio: Tertia Longmire is a practicing visual artist and writer. Drawing upon both these fields of activity, her focus as a maker has shifted towards text-driven site-based production. With much of her observational work becoming increasingly ephemeral, documentation as a means of production has become the process for physicalising work. Projects include: ReFUSE: a catalogue of found objects (Text and Image Publications, 1995) and the collaborative projects energies of Writing (published 1999 Sound and Language, with Aaron Williamson) and The Exhibition (Institute of International Visual Art, 2000, with Tanya Peixoto).



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