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Introductory Remarks about this section:

Investigation of the poetics/politics of intentionality may be considered as a significant element of this section, as well as questions of canon formation, public access, the reviewing process, etc. These writings may be original or reprinted (by permission), and will include conference papers relevant to the HOW2 project. Reflections on the poem-making process are encouraged, as well as more formal essays. Bios and photos are always requested; when they don't appear, it is at the discretion of the writer.

Moving Borders: a four-way response
Bebe Barefoot, Nicole Willey, Kathrynn Seidler, Libbie Rifkin

"Trying to forget about what you are told you can & cannot do": Filmmaker, Pelle Lowe
in conversation with Camille Norton

Dolphin Sightings: Adventures in Reading Barbara Guest
by Sara Lunquist

"Ingeborg Bachmann's Malina (1971): Wittgensteinian Poetics"
by Georgette Fleischer

"send me something drawen on paper"
mixed media in Dickinson's kitchen
by Aife Murray



Papers from the New Modernisms conference, Penn State, October 1999 [Guest-editors: Linda Kinnahan and Elisabeth Frost]

Essays by:

Introduction by Linda Kinnahan: Who Are We That Read: A Collection of Essays from "Modernist and Contemporary Women Poets"

Kathleen Crown on H.D. & Susan Howe

Elisabeth Frost on Susan Howe/Antinomian Tradition

Deborah M. Mix on Stein/Hejinian

Susan Rosenbaum on Loy/Notley

Linda Russo on Gender

Elizabeth Savage on Riding/Retallack

Lesley Wheeler on Medbh McCuckian/ H.D.

Elisabeth Frost Modernist Studies Association Seminar on Modern & Contemporary Women Poets

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