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Vol. I, No. 3 February, 2000

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Spirit Vessel

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editor's notes &

"Who is asking? Who is listening?"


introductory remarks with writing by:

"Moving Borders" -- a four-way response: Bebe Barefoot, Nicole WIlley, Kathrynn Seidler, Libbie Rifkin

"Trying to forget about what you are told you can and cannot do": Filmmaker, Pelle Lowe in conversation with Camille Norton

"Dophin Sightings; Adventures in Reading Barbara Guest," by Sara Lundquist

"Ingeborg Bachmann's 'Malina' (1971): Wittgensteinian Poetics", by Georgette Fleischer

"send me something drawen on paper" -- mixed media in Dickinson's kitchen, by Aife Murray


Guest-editors: Linda Kinnahan and Elisabeth Frost

Papers from the New Modernisms conference, Penn State, October 1999

Linda Kinnahan, "Who Are We That Read: A Collection of Essays from "Modernist and Contemporary Women Poets"

Kathleen Crown on H.D./Susan Howe

Elisabeth Frost on Susan Howe/Antinomian Tradition

Deborah M. Mix on Stein/Hejinian

Susan Rosenbaum on Loy/Notley

Linda Russo on Gender

Elizabeth Savage on Riding/Retallack

Lesley Wheeler on Medbh McGuckian/ H.D.

Elisabeth Frost on Modernist Studies Association Seminar on Modern & Contemporary Women Poets


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new writing . o O

Guest editor, Kimberly Lyons introductory remarks with writing by:

Kristin Prevallet
Hoa Nguyen
Ange Mlinko
Laurie Price
Martha King
Barbara Henning
Nada Gordon
Lynn Behrendt
Wanda Phipps
Lee Ann Brown
Marcella Durand

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Introductory remarks, with writing by:

Tisa Bryant/Rachel Levitsky: "Akilah Oliver's she said dialogues: flesh memory

Lisa Docherty: "Quoting the Wordless Performance"

Elizabeth Joyce: "Silence Replenishing the Blank Page: Susan Howe's 'White Foolscap' " [an excerpt]

Brenda Hillman: "Juliana Spahr's 'Spiderwasp or Literary Criticism' "

Dale Going: "Denise Newman's 'Human Forest' "

Frances Presley:Geraldine Monk's Dream Drover

Sarah Anne Cox and Elizabeth Treadwell: "Negotiations/Interruptions," on books by J. Clark, R. Levitsky, C. Martin, C. Mirakove, and S. Schultz

Patricia Machmiller: "The (Blue) Skirt/ a response to closed forms

Marcella Durand on "Four Mapuche Poets" (anthology)

Yedda Morrison on Elizabeth Treadwell's "Populace"

Catherine Kaspar on Jena Osman's "The Character"


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mixed media

Stitched Poems --collage sequence by Jen Bervin
with Commentary by Cole Swensen



Poetry by Melissa Weinstein, and and interview by Jo Ann Wasserman


Guest editor, Wendy Tronrud

Goto: The Scraps & Skins of Cyberspace

Wendy Tronrud
Etel Adnan
Norma Cole
Michael Floyd
m. mara ann
Marisol Martinez
Meghan Quinn
Vivian Rosenthal
Stephanie Strickland

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Translation Coordinator, Cole Swensen

Poetry by Elke Erb
translated by Rosmarie Waldrop

"Buying Rolls and Crossing Borders -- Reading Elke Erb" by Kornelia Frietag

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With email from:

Holly Iglesias
Nada Gordon
Arpine Grenier
Marina Morbiducci
Eileen Callahan
Linda Russo
Catherine Kasper
Margaret Butterfield
Elizabeth Robinson

Nesrin Eruysal
Fanny Howe

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Quotes sent in by readers

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