Vol. I, No. 1 March, 1999


editor's notes &


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Wendy Tronrud

Jenny Penberthy

Fanny Howe

Etel Adnan

Rachel Blau Du Plessis

Frances Jaffer

Sari Bronner

new writing . o O

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Kelsey St. Press (excerpts from 3 new titles)

Catherine Bowers. from "Voyage d'une" and "Rebar City"

Laura Elrick. "Sleep"

Frances Jaffer. four last poems and a bibliography

Beverly Dahlen. from"A Reading"

Cole Swensen. from "TRY"


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"Is a gender-specific journal, edited by women and focused on works of modernist and current innovation, still relevant?"


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Pascalle Monnier -- "Bayart"

Danielle Collobert


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