Frances Jaffer

Four Last Poems:



"grandfathers surface in grape arbors"

"entitled as a mode a"

A more detailed account of Frances Jaffer's presence in the Bay Area writing community can be found on page 2 of "editor's note &"

Frances Jaffer's books include ANY TIME NOW, Effie's Press, 1977; she talks to herself in the language of an educated woman, Kelsey St. Press, 1981; and ALTERNATE Endings, HOW(ever) Book Series, n. 1, 1985. Her essay "Feminist Poetics as Radical Politics" appeared in Feminist Poetics, A Consideration of the Female Construction of Language, (editors, Kathleen Fraser and Judy Frankel), San Francisco State University Printing. 1984. Three videotapes of Jaffer reading and speaking are available for rental or purchase from: The Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA. 94132

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