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Generosity = A better ASU

Why does ASU have a Giving site on its homepage? Because people’s generosity to ASU makes a big difference in the quality of the education you receive here.

Donor support for ASU students, faculty, educational programs and research has helped make ASU the accessible and excellent university it is today. Here are just a few examples of the way donor generosity improves the student experience at ASU:

  • Free tutoring.
  • Emergency crisis funding.
  • Scholarship support.
  • Travel grants.
  • COVID–19 testing.
  • Graduate student fellowship support.
  • Entrepreneurship awards.
  • Undergraduate research.

There are hundreds more examples. ASU supporters are building a culture of philanthropy at ASU that provides us a  margin of excellence among public research universities. They give to ASU’s space missions, sustainability research, engineering projects, business-student opportunities, the arts, ASU Gammage programming, prisoner-education programs, community development partnerships, economic development programs and more.

Young leaders in philanthropy at ASU

The Next Generation Council

Millennials, who grew up amidst rapid change, are often disruptors in their industries. They think differently, are motivated by different things, and they want to have a global impact. When it comes to philanthropy, they bring a different perspective than the traditional donor. To make sure that perspective is heard, the Arizona State University Foundation established the Next Generation Council — alumni who received degrees since 2002. Its purpose is to develop future board members and philanthropists by incorporating their perspectives into ASU’s fundraising efforts.

Give to the causes you care about at ASU.

Help those experiencing homelessness

What do you care about? There are many causes to support at ASU. If you care about humanitarian outreach, read on.

Preserve our Earth

There is no Planet B. You can contribute to a more sustainable world through ASU initiatives.

Fuel the arts through ASU

The arts have the power to unite us and spark our creativity. You can make them more accessible. 

By the numbers

Impact of private support at ASU

See at a glance how gifts to ASU make a difference in the learning experience. See what donor generosity has accomplished at ASU during its recent fundraising campaign, and how donor generosity to ASU is growing.


growth in scholarship recipients


Increase in chairs and professorships


Are first-time donors


Generosity impacts students’ lives


Donor impact

Help for students from all socioeconomic backgrounds

Donors help ASU keep its promise of accessibility. Meet four families who are changing the lives of students they don’t even know.

Give to the cause you love through ASU
Ways to give