About the event

This is a pivotal moment to debate and refine innovative models for transforming our educational system in ways that markedly improve the quality of P-12 teaching and make higher education accessible to all Americans.

To significantly advance this agenda will require vision, innovation, leadership, and a new mindset that fosters inclusion at all educational levels. We invite you to join some of the top minds in U.S. education as we pursue transformative change.

Panelists will cover a variety of topics, including:

  • What are the root causes of the problems in our education system and are they fixable? What role do teachers, teacher training, declining budgets and new technologies play in causing and/or fixing the problems?
  • Has America backed off its commitment to higher education?
  • How do we stop the brain drain and compete with China and India to produce more scientists and engineers?
  • How do we embrace the changing demographics of American society and create a culture of inclusivity that ensures everyone is provided a quality education while remaining competitive in a global market?
  • How do we make education a priority to America again?