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Press Release:
ECURE 2005 Announces Registration Now Open

January 2005

Technology is a powerful research tool for universities seeking to solve the great questions of our time, but it also raises problems for institutions seeking to manage and preserve the work of faculty and to advance institutional goals. This year's ECURE conference again takes up the topic of research data management in higher education.

Registration is now open for ECURE 2005, an international, interdisciplinary and interactive experience to be held February 28 - March 2 at Arizona State University. ECURE is the only North American conference for wide-ranging discussion of the full spectrum of issues impacting research data management and digital resources today and tomorrow.

Prominent researchers, faculty, and practicing librarian/archivists have already confirmed their intent to attend and discuss the role of technology in today's university research efforts. The conference schedule of speakers is available on the ECURE Web site, www.asu.edu/ecure.

The first of this year's two keynote speakers will be Clifford Lynch, Executive Director of the Coalition for Networked Information in Washington, D.C. He will provide an introduction and overview of issues to open the conference. Dr. Lynch holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and is a past president of the American Society for Information Science and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Lynch serves on the Internet 2 Applications Council and the National Research Council Committee on Intellectual Property in the Emerging Information Infrastructure.

The second keynote speaker is Sarah M. Pritchard, University Librarian at University of California, Santa Barbara. She will provide an overview of a needs and usage assessment project for research at UC Santa Barbara supported by the Andrew Mellon Foundation. Pritchard's keynote will examine the characteristics and implications for digital systems of "Faculty Research Data, Informatics and Archiving."

Additional topics for ECURE 2005 include preservation and archival issues, records management, and student privacy in records of university research. Conference discussions are expected to focus on technical issues, policy and training, case studies, projects and documentation requirements, and accessibility. The schedule of speakers again features professionals with real-world experience in the applicability and implementation of digital technologies.

ECURE welcomes participation across professional boundaries, from all academic and administrative fields. The interdisciplinary focus of the conference attracts college and university administrators, information professionals, registrars and admissions professionals, attorneys and faculty from across the United States and Canada. ECURE 2005 will be held on the beautiful Arizona State University Tempe Campus at Tempe, Arizona in the Phoenix metropolitan area. For registration information and forms, presentations from previous conferences, and further information visit the ECURE website, http://www.asu.edu/ecure.


Jeremy Rowe, ECURE co-chair, jeremy.rowe@asu.edu
Rob Spindler, ECURE co-chair, rob.spindler@asu.edu