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ECURE 2005 February 28 - March 2 Speakers

[photo of Jeremy Rowe]

Jeremy Rowe
Director, Research, Strategic Planning and Policy
Arizona State University
Acquisition and Management Issues in Research for Digital Representations


Dr. Jeremy Rowe is Director of Research, Strategic Planning and Policy for Information Technology and Co-Director of the Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling at Arizona State University. His responsibilities include involvement in institution- and system-level planning for technology and distance education, and development of policy relevant to these areas. Additional research interests are developing digital libraries of 3D objects and interdisciplinary research partnerships to model, visualize, and analyze complex natural phenomena. Dr. Rowe is a co-investigator for the KDI: 3D Knowledge: Acquisition Representation & Analysis in a Distributed Environment funded by the National Science Foundation, and funded research in developing 3D analytic tools to assist in handwriting recognition, and environmental modeling for regional planning.

Presentation Abstract

Digital representations of physical objects, particularly accurate 3D models, is becoming a key component of research in many disciplines. The scope of these digital representations ranges from digital photographs through sequences of 2D views simulating shape and volume such as QuickTime VR, to accurate 3D models that can support detailed spatial analysis.

Managing this data raises a number of planning and implementation issues for researchers, and for those managing this information over time. This session will provide an overview of some of the challenges involved, including acquiring, representing, storing, query, exchange and analysis of 3D data, and of research challenges involving the differences in user experience, tool development, and data management.