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ECURE 2005 February 28 - March 2 Speakers

[photo of Kevin Glick]

Kevin L. Glick
Electronic Records Archivist
Yale University


Kevin is the Electronic Records Archivist in Manuscripts and Archives at Yale University, where he is responsible for formulating electronic records policies and procedures; implementing an active records management application; and working toward a long-term preservation repository system. Since 1999, he has been involved with InterPARES: the International Research Project on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems. He is currently Chair of the InterPARES 2 focus on records of scientific activities. Kevin's other recent research activities include the Columbia-NHPRC Managing and Preserving Geospatial Electronic Records project and the Northeast Document Conservation Center-IMLS Digital Resource Survey project. He is the current Chair of the Electronic Records Section of the Society of American Archivists. Kevin is Co-principle investigator of Fedora and the Preservation of University Electronic Records.

Presentation Abstract

The Digital Collections and Archives, Tufts University, in conjunction with Manuscripts and Archives of Yale University Library, is currently working on a NHPRC electronic records research grant to synthesize electronic records preservation research with digital library repository technology to develop systems capable of preserving university electronic records. This project is testing the potential of Fedora (the Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture) to serve as the architecture for such a system.

This session will focus on the preliminary but critical steps of the project: The project’s synthesis of recordkeeping system requirements appropriate for an academic institution and the project’s analysis and development of requirements for a preservation system in a college or university setting. The presenters will also discuss the applicability of these requirements to grant administration records, research data, and research publications and how willing each community—grant administrators, faculty, and librarians—would be to embrace these requirements.