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ECURE 2004 March 1-3 2004 Speakers

[Photo of Eliot Wilczek]

Eliot Wilczek
University Records Manager
Tufts University
All Things to All People: Combining Resources to Build an Integrated Digital Repository


Eliot Wilczek is the University Records Manager at Tufts University where he oversees the development of both the traditional and electronic records management programs. Eliot is currently working on an NHPRC Archival research fellowship on records creation in the US Army during the First World War. Before coming to Tufts, Eliot was the Associate Archivist at Brandeis University.

Presentation Abstract

The Digital Collections and Archives (DCA), Tufts University is using Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object and Repository Architecture) to build an institutional digital repository. A collaborative effort between the DCA and Tufts Academic Technology, the digital library manages digital library content, faculty research, and university records.

Our aim is to bring together people with different goals but similar needs: storing and maintaining digital content. Faculty, archivists, records managers, and academic technologists all benefit from the knowledge of the other groups. Recordkeeping requirements based on records management principles insure the authenticity of content. Organizational principles developed by archivists keep content in intellectual order. Creating manipulation and delivery tools is the specialty of Academic Technology. Each group brings its own special expertise to the building the repository and attendant tools. The result is a sum that is greater that each of its parts.