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ECURE 2004 March 1-3 2004 Speakers

[University of BC]

Tracey P. Laruiault
Ph.D. Candidate
Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre and InterPares 2
The Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica, Archival Issues

Presentation Abstract

Cybercartography is a new theory defined by D.R.F.Taylor: "the organization, presentation, analysis and communication of spatially-referenced information on a wide variety of topics of interest and use to society in an interactive, dynamic, multimedia, multimodal and multidisciplinary format". A Cybercartographic Atlas of Antarctica (CAA) will be developed. It is endorsed by international scientific organizations and a number of stakeholder nations. A key component of the project and a funding agency requirement is archiving the outcomes. Some of the archiving challenges are: multimedia metadata standards are insufficient, encouraging partners and scientists located in different countries, institutional environments and technological contexts to adhere to standards and archival practices is difficult, archiving distributed open source products are not yet understood and accuracy, reliability and authenticity are well defined in geospatial metadata standards but limited with multimedia standards. The presentation will discuss these issues and some results from interviews with record maintainers and creators.