This class uses "gapped" lecture notes. The idea is that the tedious part of the note-taking is done for you, so that you spend less time writing in lecture, and more time listening and learning. The gaps represent those parts of the material that I think need to be emphasized, or that you need to learn how to to write and/or draw yourself. The gaps also help to keep you awake at 7:30 AM!

After we have finished each section of the notes in class, I will post my completed version so that you can make sure that you have no gaps or mistakes.

You must buy the "gapped" versions of the notes for this semester from the bookstore, the notes from CHM 233 Fall 2015 will not work for this semester, they have been changed. Only the Spectroscopy section (see below) is not included in the bookstore version because it contains some copyrighted material.

On each midterm and final exam there will be one 5 pt. extra credit question that is taken from one of the "Real Life" links associated with each section of the notes.

Section Completed Notes "Gapped" Notes as *.pdf files "Real Life 1" "Real Life 2"
    Cover Page/Contents    
A Bonding and Structure : The Basics   Organic in My Real Life Antibonding Orbitals
B Resonance : Delocalized Electrons   Quantum Mechanics Resonance a Protein Structure
C Alkanes : 3d Structures   Burning Rings
D Organic Spectroscopy : Molecular Structure Determination Spectroscopy NMR and Medicine Mass Spectrometry at the Airport
E Organic Reactions : How and Why Reactions "Go"   Fastest Reactions Acids and Bases
F Alkenes : Introduction to Electrophilic Addition   Unsaturated Fats Synthesis
G Radical Reactions : Not Lewis acid/base reactions   Radicals and Health Polymers
H Chirality : Molecular "Handedness"   Hormones Thalidomide
I Halides : Substitution and Elimination   Ozone Layer Substitution and Energy