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Early Intervention/ Disability Services and Agencies
Animal Therapy, Support and other Services
Local Early Intervention Agencies
Local Early Intervention and Disability Associations/ Support Groups
National Early Intervention and Disability Associations/ Support Groups
Local Disease, Syndrome or Disorder Agencies/ Associations/ Support Groups
National Disease, Syndrome or Disorder Agencies/ Associations/ Support Groups

Early Intervention/ Disability Advocacy, Policy, Legislation and Research
Advocacy Agencies
Early Childhood Education and Intervention Research Institutes
Individuals with Disabilities Educations Act (IDEA)- Federal Legislation for Special Education Programs

Early Intervention/ Disability Resources and Products
Assistive Technology
Early Intervention Products/ Resources

Family Services and Agencies
Child Care Services
Local Child and Family Resource Services
National Child and Family Resource Services

Professional Resources
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Local Professional and Educational Associations
National Professional and Educational Associations
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Early Intervention/ Disability Services and Agencies

Animal Therapy, Support and other Services

Camelot Therapeutic Horsemanship, Inc
Provides therapeutic horsemanship, pet visitation therapy, outdoors education and disability awareness training

Canine Companions for Independence Southwest Regional Center
Breeds and trains dogs to assist people with disabilities other than blindness.

Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.
Trains and places dogs with qualified applicants.

Eye Dog foundation
Trains visually impaired individuals to handle guide dogs.

Free Arts of Arizona
Aims to strengthen families through the arts. Conducts a multi-cultural arts camp, free arts days, a professional artists series.

Fishing Has No Boundaries Arizona
Provides annual fishing events and one-to-one fishing trips for individuals with disabilities.

Horses Help
Provides physical therapy, occupational therapy and recreational horseback riding.

Local Early Intervention Agencies

Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP)
Provides information about the Arizona Early Intervention Program

Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS)

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

Arizona State Schools for the Deaf and the Blind (ASDB)

Administers schools for the deaf and blind in Arizona

Department of Economic Security Division of Developmental Disabilities (DES/DDD)

Desert Voices Oral Learning Center

Provides parent education programs and auditory training / oral skills training for children birth to three.

Easter Seals Arizona
903 N 2nd St, Phoenix, AZ-85004-1998
Tel: 602-252-6061 (Administration)/ 800-626-6061
A local child day care and development facility. Provides health education, early intervention for children with developmental delays or physical disabilities, assistive technology resources and respite recreation.

The EAR Foundation of Arizona

A foundation that provides hearing evaluation and resources for low income children with hearing loss, universal newborn hearing screening and also conducts research studies of otoacoustic emissions and pure tone screening to identify the most effective means for hearing screening for school age children

Southwest Human Development

A local organization that conducts developmental assessments, speech/language, occupational and physical therapy assessments, special education programs, Infant and Toddler programs, Head Start and Healthy Families Programs.

Upward Foundation

A non-profit organization located in Phoenix dedicated to improving the quality of life for young children with developmental disabilities by providing a comprehensive range of special education, therapy, and pediatric nursing services.

Local Early Intervention Associations/ Support Groups

Autism Society of America (ASA) Greater Phoenix Chapter

A support group for parents of children with autism or severe communication and behavioral disorders.

Families for Early Autism Treatment (FEAT)

FEAT is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing world class Education, Advocacy, and Support for communities across the nation. FEAT originates in California, but has an Arizona chapter.

Raising Special Kids

One of 100 Parent Training and Information (PTI) centers in the United States that emphasizes parent-to-parent support as the heart of its mission. Serves Apache, Coconino, Maricopa, Mohave, Navajo and Yavapai counties. Information is available in Spanish or English about local services, educational programs, advocacy, or special health care needs. Services are provided at no charge to families.

Southwest Autism Research Center

The Southwest Autism Research Center is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to autism research. The center is undertaking self-directed research, serving as a satellite site for national and international projects, and providing information to families and professionals on current research regarding autism and related disorders. The center collaborates with the Department of Family Resources and Human Development at Arizona State University.

United Institute of Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Central Arizona, Inc

Provides information about cerebral palsy, outpatient maintenance and rehabilitation, infant stimulation programs, home care, after schools programs, assistive technology evaluation and training and child day care for children with and without disabilities.

National Early Intervention/ Disability Associations/ Support Groups

Birth to Three

A great site for families who need information on how to meet the developmental and health-related needs of their infants and toddler with developmental delays or disabilities. Great resources are provided.

Family Voices

Provides policy information and resources for families of children with special health care needs

The Federation for Children with Special Needs

The Federation for Children with Special Needs is a nonprofit organization based on the philosophy of parents helping parents. The Federation provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with disabilities, their organizations, their professional partners, and their communities.

Families of SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy)

A support group that provides research updates, networking, advice and equipment for families affected by SMA.

The Foundation for Fighting Blindness

A foundation that provides information, support groups and public awareness on retinitis pigmentosa, Usher syndrome, macular degeneration and other retinal degenerative diseases.

Foundation for Blind Children

A foundation that provides a material repository for children with visual impairment (3 to 12 years); special education, family counseling and support services.

The Global Early Intervention Network

The Global School Psychology Network is an Internet community for parents, service providers, students and faculty at universities, and everyone else who is concerned about early intervention with infants and toddlers. The community is dedicated to high quality information, peer support, problem-solving assistance, continuous learning, and research related to early intervention.

National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD)

A national center based in New York that provides information and referral services, support for public outreach, and legislative advocacy for individuals with learning disabilities.

National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) Information Clearinghouse

An institute based in Maryland that collects, produces and disseminates information on normal and disordered processes of human communication

Pediatric Development and Behavior

Provides great resources for parents and professionals alike. Provides handouts for parents and links to other sites on infants and young children. Includes relevant articles and information on child behavior disorders.

United Cerebral Palsy Network

A national online support network for individuals with cerebral palsy, caregivers, friends/family members and medical professionals.

Zero to Three

A national non-profit charitable organization whose aim is to strengthen and support families, practitioners and communities to promote the healthy development of babies and toddlers.

Local Disease, Syndrome or Disorder Agencies/ Associations/ Support Groups

Arizona Spina Bifida Association

Provides case management and independent living skills training for adults with spina bifida. Also provides care supplies at reduced costs.

Children's Center for Neurodevelopment Studies

Provides therapy and assessment for children and adolescents with learning disabilities or other neurodevelopmental handicaps. Also provides consultation services to schools, pre-schools, rehabilitation clinics and psychiatric treatment

National Disease, Disorder or Syndrome Agencies/ Associations/ Support Groups

Batten Disease Support and Research Association

Provides support and training to parents of children with Batten's disease. Coordinates efforts to support research on Batten's disease and efforts to educate the public and professionals.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) National Prevention Information Network (NPIN)

Provides references, referrals, and audio/video and publication distribution services for communicative diseases including HIV, AIDS, STDs and TB.

The Charity for Children with Craniofacial Conditions

Provides support centers, funding for pediatric projects, periodic newsletters and a community outreach program for families of children with craniofacial disorders and related conditions.

Cleft Palate Foundation

Provides information about cleft lip/palate or other facial birth defects and referrals to local professionals.

FACES: The National Craniofacial Foundation

Provides information and referrals for craniofacial research, support groups and surgical centers. Also provides travel expenses, newsletters and public awareness.

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association

Provides information about Attention Deficit Disorder and referrals to local groups and agencies.

National Down Syndrome Congress

A center based in Georgia that provides information and referrals for Down's Syndrome.

National Down Syndrome Society

An organization based in New York that provides information and referrals for Down Syndrome .

National Fragile X Foundation

A national center based in New York that promotes education, diagnosis, treatment and research on Fragile X Syndrome.

Sensory Integration Resource Network

Provides current sensory integration resources and information for families, consumers and professionals.

United Leukodystrophy Foundation

A voluntary health organization whose purpose is to provide information about leukodystrophy and assist families in identifying resources in medical care, social services and genetic counseling.

Wide Smiles

support, information and networking for families with children who were born with cleft lip +/or palate, as well as information on related syndromes

Early Intervention/ Disability Advocacy, Policy, Legislation and Research

Advocacy Agencies

Arizona Center for Disability Law

Advocates for the legal rights of persons with disabilities.

Children's Action Alliance

A non-profit organization that conducts a variety of nonpartisan research, education and advocacy on behalf of Arizona's children.

Council for Disability Advocates
6000 E Thomas Rd Ste 1, Scottsdale, AZ-85251-7572
Tel: 480-941-2199
Provides advocacy services for children with disabilities, community education/public awareness, advocacy for the seriously mentally ill (SMI) and technical assistance.

Early Childhood Education and Intervention Research Institutes

Cure Autism Now Foundation (CAN Foundation)

Cure Autism Now is an organization of parents, physicians, and researchers, dedicated to promoting and funding research with direct clinical implications for treatment and a cure for autism.

Education Development Center, Inc.

A leading nonprofit education and health organization bringing researchers and practitioners together to create tools and conditions for learning, reaching people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. EDC's Excellence in Teaching program encourages early childhood educators to reflect on and refine their practices.

Family and Human Development Department at Arizona State University

Provides links for students and faculty as well as a link to the department's Child Development Lab (CDL).

International Society for Infant Studies

The International Society on Infant Studies is a not-for-profit professional organization devoted to the promotion and dissemination of research on the development of infants through its official journal and a biennial conference where researchers and practitioners gather and discuss the latest research and theory in infant development.

National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education

The Early Childhood Institute (ECI) sponsors comprehensive and challenging research in order to help ensure that America's young children are successful in school and beyond -- and to enhance their quality of life and that of their families.

National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research

NIDRR funds approximately 300 projects annually, across a wide range of research and related activity priorities involving persons with disabilities.

National Center on Fathers and Families

The primary goals of the center are to expand the knowledge base on father involvement, family efficacy, and child well-being within multiple disciplines through research and development, integrated discussion, and information building; strengthen practice through practitioner-targeted conversations, information dissemination, and collaborative activities; and contribute to critical policy discussions by creating a coherent agenda of work that is built around existing and emerging local, state, and federal efforts

The Piaget Society

Provides information for understanding child cognitive development and learning according to well-known theorist Jean Piaget.

Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD)

The Society is a multidisciplinary, not-for-profit, professional association. The purposes of the Society are to promote multidisciplinary research in the field of human development, to foster the exchange of information among scientists and other professionals of various disciplines, and to encourage applications of research findings.

Individuals with Disabilities Educations Act (IDEA)- Federal Legislation for Special Education Programs

IDEA Practices

Answers questions about the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System (NEC*TAS)

Provides technical assistance to Part B and C programs. Website provides the user with information on policy and legislation of Part C.

Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP)

OSEP is dedicated to improving results for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities ages birth through 21 by providing leadership and financial support to assist states and local districts. OSEP administers the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Early Intervention/ Disability Resources and Products

Assistive Technology

NAEYC Caucus Website "Technology and Young Childen".

Aims to lead discussions, share research and information and demonstrate best practices regarding technology so it can be used to benefit children aged birth through eight years.

National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology, Media and Materials

Promotes the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical and social/emotional disabilities.

National Lekotek Center

A national center based in Illinois that provides play-centered programs for children with disabilities. Manages a lending library of toys, adaptive equipment, computers and other resources.

Early Intervention Products/ Resources

American Guidance Services

Publishes a variety of products in the area of early intervention.

Child Development Media, Inc.

Resources and products regarding early intervention, child development, childcare, parent education and professional development.

The Hanen Centre

A recognized innovator in family-focused early language intervention programs and learning resources for parents and professionals around the world.

Family Services and Agencies

Child Care Services

Association for Supportive Child Care

Supports the Child Care Resources Network, the Child Care Food Program (CCFP), Ninos en Mi Casa, the Arizona Self-Study Project, the Kith &Kin Project and the Arizona Infant Child research Institute. Also provides training and consultation.

Center for Family Child Care Resources
1631 E Guadalupe Rd Ste 201, Tempe, Az-85283-3954
Tel: 480-345-9388/ 480-730-5272 (Spanish)
Provides the USDA childcare food program and conducts training for home based childcare providers.

Child Care Resources and Referrals
3910 S Rural Rd Ste O, Tempe, AZ-85282-5567
Tel: 602-244-2678/ 800-308-9000
Provides childcare referrals for parents, maintains a listing of childcare providers and provides information about community childcare related workshops and training.

National Child Care Information Center

A national resource that links information and people to complement, enhance, and promote the child care delivery system, working to ensure that all children and families have access to high-quality comprehensive services.

Local Child and Family Resource Services

Arizona Children's Association

Provides family preservation and family reunification, kinship placement, monolingual Spanish speaking foster homes, and foster care for children age 0-18. Also conducts family group decision workshops, the Prevention Integration Project and assists families, licensed foster families and relatives in completing the adoption process.

Child and Family Resources, Inc-Phoenix
700 W Campbell Ave Ste 3, Phoenix, AZ-85013-2690
Tel: 602-234-3941
A resource center for adolescent parents. Sponsers a variety of programs, such as Family Builders, Choices for Families, Family to Family, Sick Child Program and Young Father's Program.

Children's Resource Center

Provides workshops for parents, educators, children and healthcare professionals. Utilizes music, art, puppetry and stress reduction to enhance attention span, motor skills and self-esteem.

Family Service Agency

Provides a variety of services for families such as counseling, home childcare, substance abuse education, in-home counseling for juveniles and families, head start and foster care/adoption services

Justice for Children Arizona

Provides a listing of child abuse hotlines, child watch programs, child abuse resources, community outreach programs and therapy services for abused children.

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central and Southern Arizona

Grants wishes to children with life threatening diseases.

Sojourner Center

Provides crisis counseling, food and shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

National Child and Family Resource Services

The Fatherhood Initiative

The Fatherhood Initiative is part of the Department of Health and Human Services. It provides information on father contributions to the care of infants and young children.

National Center for Fathering

Provides information and referrals to assist fathers.

The Consortium for Children and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs
The mission of this Consortium is to improve rehabilitation outcomes for children and youth with disabilities and special health care needs by increasing the effectiveness of service systems.

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