Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 1/5/1971

Revised: 7/1/2016

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SSM 801–03: Food Services

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To specify the guidelines for food service and catering reservation procedures in the Memorial Union

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Memorial Union

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Before making arrangements for food and beverages to be served in the Memorial Union (MU), a group must have a confirmed room reservation through MU Event and Meeting Services (480/965–3406).

Except as otherwise expressly provided in this policy all food and beverages in the MU must be obtained from Aramark. Any exception to this policy must be approved in writing by the MU.

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Catering Arrangements

Group Size

ASU Catering Services can accommodate groups of any size for buffet-style meals, served meals, coffee service, or receptions.

Buffet-style functions are designed for groups of 15 or more. Pricing is determined on an individual basis for functions with fewer than 15 attendees.

For served-style functions, pricing is determined on an individual basis.

Menu Planning

Groups must plan the food and beverage menu at least one week before the catered event. In addition to the current dinner, lunch, breakfast, and reception selections ASU Catering Services will tailor a menu to fit special dietary needs, a special theme, and/or a budget. Pricing for special menus is determined on an individual basis.

Reservations Guarantee

The final number of guaranteed reservations must be given to the Event and Meeting Services by noon three business days (not including weekends) before the event.

Payment Arrangements

Catering must be paid in full by noon three business days prior to the event:

  1. with cash or a check made payable to Aramark
  2. with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or Maroon and Gold card


  3. through a PO online for each order or by setting up a blanket request. The vendor code for catering is FOODSERV and the fund agency is 7000IM7. A screen print of approved online orders must be sent to Aramark with a completed ASU Business Meals and Related Expense form for each event.

Late Charges

A late fee is assessed for scheduling events after noon two business days before the scheduled event.

If the group chooses to delay having the food served, or if the event extends past the scheduled time, an additional charge of $25 per staff member per hour may be assessed.


Services must be cancelled no later than 3 business days prior to the event. Cancellations after this deadline will result in a charge of 20% of the estimate/guarantee service number in order to cover the costs of food and labor. Events cancelled less than one business day prior to the event will be charged 100% of the event.

Additional Services

Delivery outside the MU building is available.
Special Table or Room Arrangements
Special table or room arrangements that are not directly related to the serving of food or beverages may be subject to additional charges.
Scheduled brown-bag lunch meetings are an exception to having only Aramark provide food and beverages in the MU.
China Service
All coffee breaks or receptions are priced under the assumption that disposable flatware service will be provided. If china is requested, there is an additional charge of $6.00 per person. China service outside the MU is available at additional cost.
Receptions and breaks are priced for self-service. However, breaks or receptions for 100 or more participants, and service on china (requiring the presence of food service personnel), are assessed a labor charge of $25 per hour for each food service employee present with a minimum of four hours per server.
All services of alcoholic beverages on campus must comply with Arizona state law; SSM 106–03, “Alcohol and Other Drugs on Campus”; and ASU Police Department policy as stated in the Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual—PDP 202–03, “Sales and Service of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus.” Customers are responsible for contracting with an approved alcohol service provider for all events with alcohol service.
Catered Events on Campus Outside the MU

Customers are responsible for making arrangements for off-site food and beverage service through ASU Catering Services or university approved vendors. Delivery of off-site tables and chairs may be arranged through Facilities Management at 480/965–1833. If upon food delivery ASU buildings or rooms are locked, ASU Catering Services may assess an additional service charge of $25 and require customers to contact ASU Catering Services at 480/965–6508 or 480/965–4269 to arrange for food pick up.

All off-campus group-catering events may be subject to additional travel expenses. A delivery charge of $75 is applied to services provided outside the MU.

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For more information on programming events in which alcohol is served, see:

  1. SSM 106–03, “Alcohol and Other Drugs on Campus”


  2. The Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual—PDP 202–03, “Sales and Service of Alcoholic Beverages on Campus.”

For general information on reserving rooms, see SSM 801–02, “Reserving and Using Memorial Union Facilities.”

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