Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 7/1/1999

Revised: 11/1/2012

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SSM 206–03: Payments for Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation Veterans, for Tuition, Required Books, Materials and Supplies, and Parking Services

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To assist students eligible under Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation, with the payment for parking, tuition, and the purchase of books, materials, and supplies required for courses; the payment is deferred until the Department of Veteran Affairs can reimburse the university

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38 United States Code
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, Vocational Rehabilitation


To be eligible for Chapter 31 payments of tuition, ASU Bookstore purchases, off-campus purchases, and ASU Parking Services, the student must:

  1. qualify as a Vocational Rehabilitation Program participant (Chapter 31)


  2. have a current VA Form 22-1905 on file at Veterans Services.

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Charge or Reimbursement Plan

Eligible Chapter 31 students may charge parking, tuition, books, materials and supplies required for courses in which they are currently enrolled.

Purchase Period

To qualify for deferred payment under Vocational Rehabilitation, the purchases for materials and supplies through the bookstore must be made no sooner than two weeks before and no later than four weeks after the fall and spring semesters begin. For summer sessions check with Accounts Receivable for purchase dates.


Maximum Allowable Amount

The student may charge through the bookstore required books, materials, and supplies, provided the cost of materials and supplies does not exceed $75.00.

Students may request authorization to purchase items that individually cost more than $75.00. Before purchasing, the student must submit a written authorization request, along with a copy of the class syllabus, to his or her vocational rehabilitation counselor/case manager for approval.

Late Requests

After the purchase period concludes, students must submit a written request (with a copy of the class syllabus) to his or her Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Case Manager for approval.

Returning Items

To return ASU Bookstore items purchased under Chapter 31, the student must provide the receipts. Books may be sold back to the bookstore at the prescribed rates.

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For payment of tuition:

  1. the student must verify eligibility with Veterans Services at one of the campuses
  2. which notifies Student Accounts and Cashiering Services


  3. Student Accounts and Cashiering Services “holds” student’s classes and bills Vocational Rehabilitation.

Purchasing Books, Materials and Supplies

ASU Bookstore

  1. Veterans Services provides a list of eligible students to the respective bookstores on each campus


  2. the student selects books, materials and supplies and presents purchases to the ASU Bookstore.

Off-Campus Vendors

The student must:

  1. verify with the ASU Bookstore that the materials required for the course(s) are not available
  2. contact the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Case Manager for approval
  3. purchase the required books, materials and supplies at off-campus supplier


  4. submit receipt to the case manager for reimbursement.

Parking Permit

  1. The student verifies eligibility with Veterans Services at one of the campuses
  2. Veterans Services provides a list of eligible students to the respective parking services offices


  3. student then applies for a parking permit.

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For more information, see SSM 206–02, “Deferred Payments for Veterans for Tuition, Required Books, Materials, and Supplies.”

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