Student Services Manual (SSM)

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SSM 202–02 Table

The student:

  1. obtains from University Registrar Services an Undergraduate Application for Readmission and an Application for Reinstatement
  2. completes the applications and returns them to University Registrar Services
  3. orders official transcripts to be sent directly from the transfer institution to Admissions Services if the student attended an accredited college or university since enrollment at ASU


  4. pays readmission application fee online as part of application or at Cashiering Services and provides receipts to University Registrar Services.

University Registrar Services:

  1. verifies that the applications are complete and correct
  2. determines and assigns the residency classification status of the student


  3. forwards the student’s applications to:
    1. the dean’s office in the disqualifying college, if the student wishes to remain in that college


    2. the University Admissions Services Board, if the student wishes to transfer to another college in the university.

The college or University Admissions Services Board approves or disapproves the applications. If not approved, the student is notified in writing. The college or University Admissions Services Board returns the applications reflecting the readmission decision to University Registrar Services, which files the disapproved applications.

If approved, University Registrar Services processes the student’s reinstatement and readmission and issues a Certificate of Readmission through the mail to the student.

A readmitted/reinstated student may contact the Residency Classification Section (480/965–7712) if the student disagrees with the residency classification determination.

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