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Effective: 8/27/1990

Revised: 3/1/2017

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SSM 201–18: Military Activation of Students

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To assist students who are members of the National Guard, the Reserves, or other branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and are unable to complete classes because of activation for military duty, or students who are unable to complete classes because their spouse has been activated for military duty and the student is the legal guardian of minor children.

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University Senate

Office of the Provost of the University

University Registrar Services

Pat Tillman Veterans Center

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A student who is a member of the National Guard, Reserve, or other U.S. Armed Forces branch or is the spouse, as described in the Purpose section of this policy, and is unable to complete classes because of military activation may request complete or course withdrawals, incompletes, or grades, depending on the timing of the activation and the individual student’s needs. Absences resulting from military activation will not adversely affect a student’s catalog year.

To receive consideration under the military activation policy, a student should complete a Military Activation Form and return the completed form, along with a copy of the military activation order, to the Pat Tillman Veterans Center. The Pat Tillman Veterans Center staff will coordinate the processing of the form for the student, including verification of orders, counseling on available options, referrals to academic departments, referrals or notification to offices regarding potential refunds, and initiation of processing administrative withdrawals or incomplete grades.

Note: Students unable to contact the Pat Tillman Veterans Center at the West campus prior to departure may submit the necessary form and documentation of military orders upon their return and appropriate action will be taken to adjust the students’ records and financial obligations.


  1. Notify the Pat Tillman Veterans Center about activation for military duty and obtain the Military Activation Form.
  2. Complete the form, attach a copy of the military orders regarding activation, and submit to Pat Tillman Veterans Center.
Pat Tillman Veterans Center
  1. Review the form and verify the military orders.
  2. Review the available academic record options with the student and refer the student to the academic department for assistance, if needed, to facilitate the following procedure:
    1. if complete withdrawal is not warranted, provide make-up assignments, examinations, or other coursework that was missed due to a time-of-duty activity, without penalty; if this is not possible,
    2. a letter grade submitted by instructor (if the instructor believes it is warranted for classes near completion); if this is not possible,
    3. an incomplete issued with arrangements for completing the final coursework and earning a final grade; if this is not possible,


    4. it will be referred to academic advising with a recommendation of military activation withdrawal (if military related.)
  1. Notify University Registrar Services if the student selects withdrawal options. Advise student to consult with individual instructors regarding the options of receiving a letter grade or incomplete.
  2. Review financial obligations identified by a student seeking withdrawal from classes and (if time permits) refer the student to the appropriate business offices (e.g., Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, Student Housing, Parking Services, ASU Bookstore, Campus Health Service) to discuss refund eligibility or notify offices of potential refund on the student’s behalf.
University Registrar Services
  1. Process the student’s withdrawal and indicate on the student’s PSS record that military activation occurred for the relevant semester(s) to preserve the student’s catalog year.
  2. Notify the appropriate Student Business Services staff about a possible refund resulting from withdrawals.
Student Business Services
  1. Determine and initiate an appropriate refund of tuition and fees paid by the student.
    Note: Although complete withdrawal may result in a 100 percent refund, partial withdrawal may not generate a tuition refund if the remaining hours are 7 or more for resident students or 12 or more for nonresident students.
Other business offices
  1. After notification from the Pat Tillman Veterans Center, determine and initiate appropriate refunds if the student requested withdrawal from classes.


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For related information about military leave for faculty and academic professionals, see the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures ManualACD 708, “Military Leave.”

For related information about military leave for classified, university staff, and administrative employees, see the Staff Personal Policies and Procedures ManualSPP 706, “Military Leave of Absence.”

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