Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 12/1/1994

Revised: 7/1/2015

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SSM 104–05: Involuntary Withdrawal from the University in Special Circumstances

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To provide for involuntary withdrawal from ASU of a student who is a physical threat or who creates an impediment to the lawful activities of others on the university campus

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Office of the Dean of Students
Educational Outreach and Student Services

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Students who are a physical threat to themselves or others, or who create a substantial impediment to the lawful activities or basic rights of other students, university employees, or visitors may be involuntarily withdrawn from ASU. The dean of students or designee may impose conditions for readmission.

Student involuntary withdrawal procedures will be used with caution in recognition of the university’s responsibility to protect the physical safety, health, and welfare of members of the university community through prescribed due process standards.

Preference for Voluntary Withdrawal

University staff will discuss the circumstances with the student (and family, if needed) and, as appropriate, encourage a voluntary withdrawal of the student from the university. The staff will promptly refer the student to an appropriate resource for evaluation or treatment. If the student does not agree to voluntary withdrawal, an involuntary withdrawal may be initiated. If the student chooses to pursue voluntary withdrawal or withdrawal for Medical/Compassionate Reasons (SSM 201–09), and the conditions for involuntary withdrawal are present, the dean of students or designee may impose conditions for readmission.

Emergency Action

The dean of students or designee may determine that a student’s condition or behavior and continued presence on the university campus pose a threat to an individual (including the student in question), university property, or university function. If it is so determined, the dean of students or designee may involuntarily withdraw or restrict the student’s access to the university campus, university housing, services, and activities, as appropriate, for an interim period before a final determination of the matter.

Such decision shall be communicated in writing to the student and shall become effective immediately upon receipt of such notice by the student. A student will be deemed to have received the notice if the notice has been hand-delivered or delivered by regular mail to the address the student has listed with University Registrar Services.

The involuntary withdrawal or restricted access shall remain in effect until a final decision has been made on the matter, unless before a final decision is made, the dean or designee determines that the reasons for imposing the sanction no longer exist.

A student who is involuntarily withdrawn or whose access is restricted from the campus for an interim period shall be provided an opportunity to appear before the dean of students or designee to respond to the allegations of misconduct no later than five business days following the effective date of the interim action.

Review by the dean of students or designee will begin once the interim withdrawal is in effect.

Review by the University Hearing Board

The final decision of the dean of students or designee will be provided in writing. This decision is final unless the student requests a hearing before the University Hearing Board to review the imposed expulsion or suspension. Restricted access to the university campus may remain in effect during the period of review except for the student’s appearance before the University Hearing Board. This review is accomplished by filing a written request with the dean of students no later than 20 business days following the posting or personal delivery of the written decision. Student disciplinary procedures as defined in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures (SSM 104–01) shall apply.

Effect on Academic Status

A notation of “W” will appear next to each course on the student’s transcript for the appropriate semester. Tuition and fee refunds, if applicable, shall be based on the effective date of withdrawal determined by the dean of students or designee. Involuntary withdrawals are not assessed against the student’s restricted withdrawal limit, regardless of when processed.

Conditions for Involuntary Withdrawal

An involuntary withdrawal may be considered when the university has substantial evidence that:

  1. the student has demonstrated behavior that is a substantial impediment to the lawful activities or basic rights of other students, university employees, or visitors
  2. the student demonstrates an apparent threat of harm to self or others


  3. the student’s condition interferes significantly with the student’s ability to understand the impact of or to control his or her behavior, or that the behavior is disruptive to his, her, or others’ educational process.

Review by the Dean of Students or Designee

An individual wishing to explore the appropriateness of an involuntary withdrawal or to initiate an involuntary withdrawal should contact the dean of students or designee and provide appropriate documentation.

Note: The student may be barred from campus and/or university services and activities during the withdrawal period. The student will receive written notice of the withdrawal as well as the conditions for readmission.


A student removed from the university under this policy may be considered for readmission only with the written approval of the dean of students or designee.

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For information about withdrawing from classes for medical/compassionate reasons, see SSM 201–09, “Withdrawal from Classes for Medical/Compassionate Reasons.”

For the student disciplinary procedures, see SSM 104–01, “Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures.”

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