Student Services Manual (SSM)

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Effective: 7/1/1980

Revised: 7/1/2012

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SSM 1001–01: Entering Student Rooms

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To allow University Housing staff members, maintenance staff, and ASU Police Department and other public safety personnel to enter student rooms without student permission under certain circumstances

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ASU Police Department
University policy

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Entry of Student Rooms by University Housing or Maintenance Staff

University Housing or maintenance staff may enter student rooms to:

  1. verify property location/inventory room furniture
  2. verify occupancy
  3. perform maintenance, including preventive maintenance
  4. enforce safety and health standards
  5. respond to an emergency situation


  6. respond to a suspected violation of the Student Code of Conduct or residence hall policies and procedures.

University Housing staff who wish to enter student rooms for other reasons must receive authorization from the director or designee.

University Housing will provide written notice, at least 24 hours before entry, of staff intent to enter the room for purposes 1–3 above. No notice is required if hall staff suspect an emergency or if a Maintenance Request form has been previously submitted by the occupant.

Entry of Student Rooms by ASU Police Department (ASU PD)

ASU PD personnel may enter student rooms without authorization by the director and without prior notice to the student if:

  1. they have a search warrant
  2. a crime is in progress
  3. they are in hot pursuit of a criminal


  4. an emergency situation is suspected.

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