Student Services Manual (SSM)

Table of Contents

IPN  Interim Posting Notice

MRN  Manual Revision Notice

000  Introductory Material
100  General Policies
200  University Registrar
300  Student Financial Assistance
400  Admissions Services
500  Career Services
600  Counseling Centers
700  Disability Resources
800  Student Unions and Centers
900  Student Life
1000  Residential Life
1200  Campus Health Service
1300  Student Activities and Organizations
1400  Student Media
1500  Academic/Learning Support Services
1600  Sun Devil Fitness & Wellness

000 Introductory Material - Back to Top

   001  Introduction

100 General Policies - Back to Top

   103  Compliance with State Requirements of U.S. Citizenship, Permanent Residency, and Lawful Immigration Status
   104  Behavior
          104–01  Student Code of Conduct and Student Disciplinary Procedures
          104–02  Handling Disruptive, Threatening, or Violent Individuals on Campus
          104–03  Hazing Prevention
          104–05  Involuntary Withdrawal from the University in Special Circumstances
          104–06  Student Conduct Record Retention Policy
   105  Death of a Student
   106  Health
          106–01  Immunization Requirements
          106–02  Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection
          106–03  Alcohol and Other Drugs on Campus
          106–04  Insurance Requirements for International Students
   107  Student Records
          107–01  Release of Student Information
          107–02  Lost, Stolen, or Inappropriately Disclosed Student Records Information
          107–03  Student E-Mail

200 University Registrar - Back to Top

   201  Registration
          201–01  Registration for Classes—General Policy
          201–02  Instructor-Initiated Drop of a Student for Nonattendance
          201–03  Drop/Add/Swap of Classes
          201–04  Override and/or Overload Authorizations
          201–05  Registration and Drop/Add/Swap after the Published Deadline
          201–07  Administrative Holds on Student Enrollment
          201–08  Withdrawal from Classes—General Policy
          201–09  Withdrawal from Classes for Medical/Compassionate Reasons
          201–10  Instructor Withdrawal of a Student for Disruptive Classroom Behavior
          201–11  Change of Degree/Major/Campus
          201–12  Canceling Classes for the Semester
          201–13  Petition to Take a Course for the Third Time
          201–14  Withdrawals after the Published Deadline
          201–18  Military Activation of Students
   202  Readmissions and Course Equivalencies
          202–01  Readmission of Undergraduate Students
          202–02  Readmission Requiring Reinstatement from Academic Disqualification of Undergraduate Students
          202–03  Reinstatement from Academic Disqualification of Continuing Undergraduate Students
          202–04  Undergraduate Transfer Credit Evaluations
          202–05  Comprehensive Examinations for Undergraduate Course Equivalence
          202–06  Academic Renewal
          202–07  Leave of Absence for Undergraduate Students
   203  Academic Record
          203–01  Grade Change
          203–02  Academic Record Change
          203–03  Ordering Official Transcripts
          203–04  Student Self-Imposed Holds
          203–05  Duplication of Credit by an Undergraduate Student
          203–06  Deletion of a “D” or “E” Grade Received by an Undergraduate Student in an Undergraduate Course
          203–08  Affidavit of Dependency for Release of Records
          203–09  Grade of Incomplete
   204  Graduation
          204–02  Master’s and Doctoral Programs of Study
          204–03  Application for Graduation for Bachelor’s Candidates
          204–04  Application for Graduation for Master’s and Doctoral Candidates
          204–07  Awarding Posthumous Degrees
   205  Residency Classification/Reclassification
          205–01  Residency Classification/Reclassification—General Policy
   206  Veterans Benefits
          206–01  Eligibility for Veterans Affairs Educational Benefits
          206–02  Deferred Payments for Veterans for Tuition, Required Books, Materials, and Supplies
          206–03  Payments for Chapter 31, Vocational Rehabilitation Veterans, for Tuition, Required Books, Materials and Supplies, and Parking Services

300 Student Financial Assistance - Back to Top

   301  Eligibility and Awarding
          301–01  Financial Aid Eligibility
          301–02  Enrollment Status
          301–04  Satisfactory Academic Progress
          301–06  Awarding/Expected Contribution
          301–07  Summer Financial Aid
          301–08  Student and Parent Reviews
          301–09  Independent Student Review
          301–10  Disbursement of Financial Aid Funds
          301–11  Handling Incidents of Fraud, Misrepresentation, and Misappropriation in Financial Aid
          301–13  Aid for Students Completing Graduate Preparatory Course Work
   302  Loans
          302–01  Emergency Short-Term Loans
   303  Scholarships
          303–03  Institutional Recruitment Scholarship Deferment Guidelines
          303–05  Athletic Grant-in-Aid Appeal Process
          303–06  Scholarship Appeal Process
   304  Student Employment—General Policies
          304–01  Student Employment Program
          304–02  Continuing Student Employment
          304–03  Nondiscrimination—Equal Employment Opportunity
          304–04  Nondiscrimination—Sexual Harassment
          304–05  Student Job Vacancy
          304–06  Nepotism—Student Employment
          304–07  Student Employment Eligibility Criteria
          304–08  Employment of Nonimmigrant International Students
          304–09  Academic Withdrawal
          304–10  Responsibilities of Participants in Student Employment Programs
          304–11  Student Employee Termination
          304–12  Student Employee Grievances
          304–13  Student Employee Emergency Hires
          304–14  Student Employment Records
          304–15  Duration of Employment for Graduating Student Employees
   305  Student Employment—Compensation and Benefits
          305–01  On-Campus Student Employee Compensation
          305–02  Changes to Student Wage Level
          305–03  Student Employee Compensation Exceptions
          305–04  Reporting Student Work Hours
          305–05  Limitations on Work Hours
          305–06  Rest Periods
          305–07  Injury on the Job
          305–08  Student Employment Status
          305–09  Handling Incidents of Fraud in Student Employment
          305–10  Change in Pay Rate within the Current Wage Level
   306  Student Employment—Federal Work-Study Program
          306–01  Federal Work-Study Employment Program
          306–02  Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Program—Employer Eligibility
          306–03  Award Periods—Federal Work-Study Program
          306–04  Change in Federal Work-Study Program Award
          306–05  Federal Work-Study Program Award Limit/Termination of Employment
          306–06  Community Service Program
   307  Student Employment—Off-Campus Hourly Program
          307–01  Off-Campus Hourly Student Employment Program—Employer Eligibility

400 Admissions Services - Back to Top

   401  Admissions Standards
          401–01  Transfer Credit Evaluation
          401–02  Transfer Credit Appeals
          401–03  Undergraduate and Graduate Eligibility

500 Career Services - Back to Top

   501  General Policies
          501–01  Career and Professional Development Services Eligibility
          501–02  Employment Opportunity Listings
          501–03  Eligibility for Employer Recruiting Activities

600 Counseling Centers - Back to Top

   601  General Services
          601–01  Clinical Services
          601–02  Psychiatric Services
          601–04  Outreach Programs and Consultation
   602  General Policies
          602–01  Mental Health Emergencies
          602–02  Eligibility for Services
          602–05  Counseling Fees
          602–07  Informed Consent

700 Disability Resources - Back to Top

   701  General Policies
          701–01  Student Accessibility and Inclusive Learning Services—General Policy
          701–02  Eligibility for Accommodations—Required Disability Documentation
          701–03  Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
          701–04  Course Substitution
          701–05  On-Campus Transportation for Individuals with Disabilities
          701–06  Service Animals on ASU’s Campuses
          701–07  Assistance Animals in University Housing
          701–08  Responsibilities of Individuals with Service, or Assistance Animals on Campus and Exclusions from Campus
          701–09  Grievance Policy
          701–10  Accommodations and Services for Pregnant Students

800 Student Unions and Centers - Back to Top

   801  Student Unions and Centers
          801–01  General Building Rules
          801–02  Reserving and Using Student Unions and Centers Facilities
          801–03  Food Services
          801–04  Petitioning, Distributing, and Posting Literature In and Near the Student Unions and Centers
          801–05  Lost and Found Items
          801–08  Student Unions and Centers Recreation Amenities
   802  Services and Activities
          802–01  Scheduling Outdoor Campus Activities Areas
          802–02  Sales and Promotion (on Campus)
          802–03  Amplification

900 Student Life - Back to Top

   901  Danforth Chapel
          901–01  Danforth Chapel Use
          901–03  Interfaith Prayer and Meditation Space

1000 Residential Life - Back to Top

   1001  Student Housing
          1001–01  Entering Student Rooms
          1001–02  Promotion and Sale of Items in Residence Halls
          1001–03  Residence Hall Canvassing
          1001–04  Use of Residence Hall Facilities by Outside Agencies for Programming Events
          1001–05  Use of Residence Hall Outdoor Common Areas for Programming
          1001–06  Posters and Advertisements from Outside Agencies
          1001–07  Missing Student Notification
   1002  Services
          1002–01  Summer Conference Housing
          1002–02  Guest Housing

1200 Campus Health Service - Back to Top

   1201  Campus Health Service—General
          1201–01  Eligibility for Campus Health Service Care
          1201–02  ASU Health Center Fees
          1201–03  Employee Work-Related Injuries
          1201–04  Student-Athlete Medical Care
          1201–05  Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)/Concussion Policy

1300 Student Activities and Organizations - Back to Top

   1301  Greek Life
          1301–01  Social Fraternities and Sororities—University Recognition
   1302  Student Organizations
          1302–01  Student Organization Registration

1400 Student Media - Back to Top

   1401  General Policies
          1401–01  Letters to the State Press Editor
          1401–02  Advertising
          1401–03  Corrections
          1401–04  Use of News Racks on ASU Campuses

1500 Academic/Learning Support Services - Back to Top

   1501  Tutoring
          1501–02  Provision of Academic Mentoring

1600 Sun Devil Fitness - Back to Top

   1601  Sun Devil Fitness

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