Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

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Effective: 7/1/2019

Revised: 9/10/2020

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SPP 709: Paid Time Off for External Volunteer Activities

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The university provides eligible employees up to eight hours of paid time off from regularly scheduled work hours each year to volunteer at local 501(c)(3) charitable organizations or to work or volunteer for agencies of the federal, state, or local government.

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University policy

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Benefits-eligible classified staff, university staff, and non-faculty administrators.

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Paid Time Off for External Volunteer Activities

To encourage employee engagement, and support ASU’s impact in the communities it serves, ASU provides paid time off from regular duties for employees to volunteer at local 501(c)(3) charitable organizations or to work or volunteer for agencies of the federal, state, or local government ("external volunteer activities"). The university will neither control nor direct employees’ volunteer work. Any volunteer work done by an employee during time off is at the employee’s own risk. Employees are not required to take volunteer time under this policy.

External volunteer activities are not considered "time worked" for overtime or compensatory time purposes. Time off for external volunteer activities must occur during the employee’s standard work week.

Maximum Allowance for External Volunteer Activities

Benefits-eligible classified employees, university staff and non-faculty administrators are immediately eligible at hire, and on every January 1 thereafter. A maximum of eight hours of paid time off is given per calendar year for external volunteer activities. External volunteer hours may not be carried over from year to year, are not transferable and any unused external volunteer hours will not be paid upon termination.

Paid time off is based on full-time employment. Benefits-eligible employees working less than 100 percent FTE will receive prorated external volunteer time off adjusted according to their FTE.

External Activity Hours-Requests and Reporting or Recording

Employees must receive prior approval from their supervisor before using paid time off for external volunteer activities.  Requests for external volunteer paid time off should be made in writing and with reasonable advance notice.

An employee making a request for external volunteer hours must certify in writing that the organization they plan to work with is a charitable organization exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or government agency. Supervisors may, at their discretion, require verification of the organization’s status.

In deciding whether to approve volunteer paid-time-off requests, the supervisor should not consider the nature or mission of the 501(c)(3) charitable organization or government agency, but may consider department staffing needs and work requirements. By giving employees paid time off to volunteer under this policy, the university does not endorse or sanction any organization for which its employees may choose to volunteer.

Supervisors should record and maintain accurate records of external volunteer hours used by their subordinates. A department time administrator may be assigned to assist a supervisor in this task, but it remains the supervisor’s responsibility.


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Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) requirements

United Way volunteer opportunities

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