Staff Personnel Manual (SPP)

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Effective: 11/1/1996

Revised: 11/1/2019

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SPP 215: Alternate Duty Assignment Program for Temporarily Disabled Employees

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To provide placement of ASU employees in an alternate duty assignment when temporarily disabled, ensuring maximum employee utilization in an effort to reduce costs

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University policy

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All regular classified employees, university staff, and non-faculty administrators

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Alternate Duty Assignment for Temporarily Disabled Employees

This policy is designed to provide guidelines for the uniform treatment of any employee who, because of a temporary physical or mental disability resulting from an industrial or personal injury/illness, temporarily cannot perform the duties normally assigned to the job.

Upon return to work after a serious injury or illness, an employee must provide a written release by a health care provider. The release shall indicate the employee’s ability to return to regular or alternate duty assignment. If alternate duty is indicated, the health care provider shall specify the work restrictions and the duration (dates) restriction(s) apply.

Departments may elect to have an employee examined by a designated health care provider when the employee has been away from work for an extended period of time due to an injury or illness, or the employee is being released to work with medical restrictions, and clarification is needed. The department will provide the health care provider with the tasks the employee will be expected to perform. The examination will be coordinated through the State of Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA), Risk Management Section, when the employee has an ongoing Workers’ Compensation claim or coordinated through the department (at the department’s expense) when it is classified as an injury/illness which is not work related.

If the department designated health care provider releases an employee to work with medical restrictions, the physician shall notify the ADOA, Risk Management Section (if work related), and the department that the employee is being returned to alternate duty and specifically identify the restrictions. An employee released with no restrictions shall report to work.

An employee released with restrictions shall report immediately to his or her department supervisor with appropriate documentation completed by the health care provider, specifying the work restrictions and the duration (dates) of the restriction(s).

Departments shall assign the employee to an alternate duty assignment if an appropriate assignment is available, and instruct the employee where and when to report for work. If the employee is returning from a work related injury/illness, the Office of Human Resources (OHR) will immediately notify the ADOA, Risk Management Section, by phone to effectuate changes in industrial claim payments.

Departments will provide alternate duty assignments as appropriate work is available. These assignments need not be identified in advance, but will be determined by the need of the department.

Length of time for alternate duty assignment shall be for a maximum of up to six months. There is no minimum length of time for alternate duty assignment.

The length of time a probationary employee is on alternate duty assignment will not be counted toward the completion of the 12-month probationary period.

If no alternate duty assignment is available in the employee’s department with the work restrictions stipulated by the health care provider, or the alternate duty assignment has ended, the employee will be placed in the appropriate leave status.

While temporarily assigned to the alternate duty assignment program, the employee will be paid at his or her regular base pay.

Salary increases shall be in accordance SPP 403-08, “Salary Administration.”

Placement of Permanently Disabled Employees

At the end of six months, if an employee is determined to be unable to return to his or her regular position, the department is responsible for bringing this determination to the attention of OHR and ASU’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator in the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (see the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual, at ACD 405, “Individuals with Disabilities”).

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