Sun Devil Athletics Manual (SDA)

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Effective: 7/1/2016

Revised: 7/1/2016

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SDA 701: Ticket Policy

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Duplicate Ticket

For tickets lost or misplaced, a face value fee per ticket will be charged for each ticket duplicated. If the original unused tickets are mailed to: Sun Devil Ticket Office, PO Box 872405, Tempe, AZ, 85287-2405, within two weeks of the event, only a $5.00 per ticket charge will be assessed. Only credit cards will be accepted for reprint charges. Season ticket holders will be permitted one reprint at no charge. ASU reserves the right to refuse this service to anyone found abusing this policy. Stolen tickets must be reported in advance of the event to the ticket office and a stolen property report filed with the police. The ticket office will then issue duplicates at no charge.

Single Seat Policy

In order to properly manage the seating inventory, the ticketing system will not allow any purchases that leave a single seat in a row (i.e., the system prohibits a selection of 2 seats in a location where there are only 3 seats next to each other, as that would leave a single seat). Due to the existing amount of single seats, this policy must be strictly enforced. If a purchase is made of seats that are not in consecutive order, ASU reserves the right to adjust the selection to eliminate any single seats in an effort to maximize seating capacity.

Refunds and Exchanges

The Sun Devil Ticket Office operates under a basic NO REFUND/NO EXCHANGE policy.

Market Pricing

Market pricing may apply to tickets. Rates can fluctuate based on factors affecting supply and demand. Prices increase on the day of event.

Reserved Wheelchair Seats

Accessible seats are spaces specifically designed for wheelchairs and include features such as an accessible approach, location at grade, clear floor space, and larger dimensions.

Attendees with mobility disabilities who require accessible seating due to their disability are permitted to purchase tickets for accessible seats. This group includes those who use wheelchairs, those who use other mobility devices, and those who cannot climb steps or walk long distances because of significant arthritis or severe respiratory, circulatory, or cardiac conditions. Individuals who, because of their disability, cannot sit in a straight-back chair or those whose service dogs cannot fit under a non-accessible seat or lie safely in the aisle are also permitted to purchase accessible seats.

Individuals who purchase tickets for accessible seats are deemed to have attested the need for the features of an accessible seat. Fraudulent purchases of accessible seat tickets can result in: relocation; expulsion from the event; and/or expulsion from all future events.

Rain Out Policy

Tickets are valid for the contest until such time as the event is called either by Sun Devil Athletics officials or umpires. If the event is postponed, the ticket will be good for the make-up of that event. If the make-up event is not possible, fans may trade in their ticket for a general admission seat for a future event, based on availability.

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