Sun Devil Athletics Manual (SDA)

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Effective: 7/1/2002

Revised: 1/10/2007

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SDA 001: Introduction

The Sun Devil Athletics Policies and Procedures Manual (SDA) provides information for current and prospective ASU student-athletes and their families, ASU faculty and staff, and the interested public. This manual includes policies that affect the student-athlete experience at Arizona State University. Inquiries regarding other departmental policy and procedure may be directed to the senior associate athletics director.

The information contained within this manual is also distributed to student-athletes annually, with other pertinent information, in the Student-Athlete Handbook.

Corrections, changes, or suggestions should be communicated to the SDA manual coordinator.

In the event of an inconsistency or conflict, applicable law and Board of Regents’ policies supersede university policies and university policies supersede college, department, or lower unit bylaws, policies, or guidelines.

The university reserves the right to add, amend, or revoke any of the contained rules, policies, regulations, and instructions or incorporate additional ones, with or without notice, as circumstances or the good of the university community may require.

A printout of this manual and each change to this manual, created from the original text source for the online version, is retained permanently as an official record at University Archives and is available for inspection. Printouts of all revisions to online manuals will be similarly available.

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