Research and Sponsored Projects Manual (RSP)

Table of Contents

MRN  Manual Revision Notice

000  Introductory Material
100  General
200  Compliance
300  Proposal
400  Negotiation
500  Award
600  Collaboration with Other ASU Units

000 Introductory Material - Back to Top

   001  Introduction
   003  Research and Sponsored Projects Directory
   004  Definitions

100 General - Back to Top

   101  General Research Policy
   102  Principal Investigator Eligibility
   103  Principal Investigator Responsibilities
   104  Disclosure of Proposal-Award Information under the Arizona Public Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act
   106  Allocation of Recognition, Research Incentive Distribution, and Investigator Incentive Awards
   107  Lead Unit Identification and Responsibilities

200 Compliance - Back to Top

   201  Human Subjects in Research
          201–01  Human Subjects in Research
   202  Care and Use of Laboratory Animals
   203  Radiation Safety in Research and Teaching
   204  Hazardous Waste Management
   205  Biosafety
   206  Objectivity in Research—Disclosure of Financial Interests and Management of Conflicts of Interest
   207  Standards for Scientific Diving
   210  Misconduct in Research
   213  Assurances
          213–01  Security Clearances
          213–02  Certification of Drug-Free Workplace
          213–03  Procurement Integrity
   214  Export Control

300 Proposal - Back to Top

   301  Limited Submission of Proposals
   302  Proposal Processing and Submission
   303  Proposal Budget Preparation

400 Negotiation - Back to Top

   401  Agreement Negotiation and Acceptance
   404  Classified Research
   405  Proprietary Reseach
   406  Publication
   408  Pre-award Site Visits

500 Award - Back to Top

   501  Establishment of a Sponsored Projects Account
   502  Personnel
          502–01  Personnel Employed on Sponsored Projects
          502–02  Leaves and Absences for Sponsored Projects Personnel
          502–03  After-the-Fact Review and Acknowledgement of Personnel Costs
   503  Purchasing
          503–01  Purchase Requests on Sponsored Projects and Internal Grant Programs
          503–02  Sponsored Project Spend Authorizations
          503–03  Consultants, Guest Lecturers, and Other Professional Services for Sponsored Projects
          503–05  Subaward Agreements
   504  Travel
          504–01  Sponsored Projects Travel for ASU Employees
          504–04  Conference Registration Costs for ASU Employees on Sponsored Projects
          504–05  Sponsored Project Travel and Related Costs (Non-ASU Employees)
   505  Equipment and Property
          505–06  Equipment Management
   506  Sponsored Project Finances
          506–02  Cost Transfers to Sponsored Projects
          506–03  Cost Sharing Documentation for Sponsored Projects
          506–04  Guaranteeing Delinquent Sponsored Projects Agency/Orgs
   507  Revisions/Modifications
          507–01  Sponsored Project Award Changes
   508  Facilities & Administration
          508–01  Charging Direct and Facilities & Administrative Costs to Sponsored Projects
          508–02  Facilities & Administrative Costs
   509  Closing Project Account(s)
          509–02  Reports and Deliverables from Sponsored Projects
          509–03  Financially Closing Out Fixed Price Agreements
          509–04  Sponsored Project Agency/Org Deficit/Account Closeout
   510  External Contacts
          510–02  External Audits and Programmatic Reviews

600 Collaboration with Other ASU Units - Back to Top

   601  Coordination of Proposal Submissions to Foundation Sponsors by ORSPA and the ASU Foundation
   604  Ownership of Research Data and Materials & Intellectual Property Management Implementation Policy
   605  Internal Grants

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