Purchasing and Business Services Manual (PUR)

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Effective: 4/13/1990

Revised: 11/1/2019

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PUR 206: Records Storage and Destruction

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To establish and maintain an active and continuing program for the economical and efficient storage of records

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Arizona Revised Statutes §  41-151.14, 41-151.15 and 41-151.18

University policy

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Replaces previously published PCS 703 Records Storage and Destruction.

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The department head shall:

  1. establish and maintain an active and continuing program for the efficient management of the department’s records
  2. make and maintain records containing adequate and proper documentation of the department’s functions, policies, decisions, procedures, and essential transactions


  1. arrange for the secure destruction of records when their authorized retention period has expired. General Retention Schedules covering records common to Arizona institutions of higher education have been approved by ASLAPR for use by any ASU department The Report of Records Destruction Form required for lawful destruction is available here.

All records made or received by employees of the university in the course of their employment are the property of the university.
Occasionally, the Office of General Counsel may issue a Notice to Preserve Evidence to the academic unit, department or to specific employees within the academic unit or department because of claims or threatened litigation. Such notices to preserve evidence take precedence over any existing retention schedule or policy. Any questions should be directed to the Office of General Counsel.

If you believe your department has records of permanent historical or research value contact the University Archivist for assistance.

Records Storage

Records may be temporarily stored at the department; the ASU Surplus Property Document Storage warehouse or the Arizona State Library, Archives & Public Records (ASLAPR) storage facility.

ASU Surplus PropertyDocument Storage will provide temporary storage and secure destruction of official ASU records at the ASU Surplus PropertyDocument Storage warehouse. For information about ASLAPR storage and destruction services visit the ASLAPR’s website.

Any departmental records to be stored at ASU Surplus PropertyDocument Storage must be stored in standard size storage boxes which can be purchased through SunRISE, Staples, part number 33250.


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