Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 9/1/1978

Revised: 11/1/2014

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PTS 601: Transit Services

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To provide dedicated access to Arizona State University (ASU) via shuttle services and public mass transit valley-wide for ASU faculty, staff, and students

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Arizona Revised Statutes § 49–581 through –593
ASU Commuter Options Plan

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Shuttle and Bus Services

The ASU Commuter Options Program provides:

  1. Free Local Area SHuttle (FLASH) shuttle services at Tempe campus in partnership with the City of Tempe
  2. shuttle service between West campus, Downtown Phoenix campus, and Tempe campus (intended for and free for ASU students, faculty, and staff)
  3. shuttle service between Polytechnic campus and Tempe campus (intended for and free for ASU students, faculty, and staff)
  4. free express shuttle service between Lot 59 and the south part of Tempe campus (Flash/McAllister shuttle)
  5. free express shuttle between the Tempe campus and the MAYO Clinic campus located at Shea Boulevard (intended for and free for ASU students, faculty, and staff)
  6. and

  7. the purchase at discounted rates of unlimited access passes for travel on Valley Metro buses and light rail at any time during operating hours. (Check the PTS Web site for specific requirements on eligibility and costs).

Buses travel designated routes at regular intervals, stopping at designated transit stops to allow passengers to board or exit the bus during scheduled hours of operation, Monday through Friday.

The current ASU parking map shows the location of FLASH stops and routes. The map legend may be consulted for further information.

All transit vehicles are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. The FLASH, the West shuttle, the Polytechnic shuttle, and the MAYO shuttle do not operate on designated university holidays. Transit service occasionally may be interrupted due to special events and re-routes. A notice is posted in vehicles and at the bus stops when routes/times are altered.

Bus/Shuttle Routes

The FLASH route follows the perimeter of campus.

The West shuttle provides service between West campus, Downtown Phoenix campus, and Tempe campus.

The Polytechnic shuttle provides service between Polytechnic campus and Tempe campus.

The Flash/McAllister shuttle provides service between Lot 59 and the south part of Tempe campus.

The MAYO shuttle provides service between the Biomedical department at MAYO and the Tempe Campus


ASU students can purchase the U-Pass with the following options: by academic year and for summer sessions. The U-Pass may be purchased online at the PTS Web site, or at the Permit Sales office at the Tempe campus and parking offices at West, Downtown, and Polytechnic campuses and at the PTS satellite office in the lower-level of the Memorial Union. The U-Passes are discounted. All sales are final; no refunds with the following exception: students who purchase a full academic pass for the fall and spring semesters and need to withdraw for the spring semester may receive a prorated refund if the pass is returned by the deadline date.

ASU employees can purchase an annual Platinum Pass at discounted rates online at the PTS Web site, or at Permit Sales at Tempe campus and the parking offices at West, Downtown, and Polytechnic campuses, or through payroll deduction.

Transit Rules

Passengers may not eat, drink (except closed containers), smoke, possess a weapon, or play loud music. Shoes and shirt must be worn. The distribution of promotional flyers on the bus is not permitted without prior approval from Parking and Transit.

ASU and its vendors/contractors are not responsible for items left on the shuttles.

Intercampus Shuttles

All contracted intercampus shuttles are equipped with GPS, WIFI, and Automatic Passenger Counts, unless otherwise noted.

GPS can be tracked at

For questions regarding shuttle departure or arrival, you may also contact ASU Parking and Transit Services during regular business hours at 480/965–6124 by selecting option 3; after 5:00 p.m., please direct your questions to All Aboard America at 480/222–6947.

Be sure to sign up for updates on traffic delays for the shuttles on Facebook and Twitter at: @asu2asushuttles, and follow ASU Transit at

Additional Information

Additional information about FLASH, the West shuttle, the Polytechnic shuttle, the MAYO shuttle, and the U-Pass Program is available through the Commuter Options Services at 480/965–6124, option 3, and on the Commuter Options Program Web page.

Connections with Valley Metro Bus System / Light Rail (LRT)

The FLASH service has connections to the Valley Metro bus system and light rail.

Light Rail Stations

Tempe has three LRT stations within close proximity to Tempe campus:

  1. Mill Avenue and 3rd Street
  2. Veterans Way and 5th Street


  3. University Drive and Rural Road.

When traveling to the Downtown Phoenix campus from the Tempe campus, travel on the westbound trains to the Central Station at Van Buren Street and Central Avenue. Returning to the Tempe campus, the closest eastbound station is at Van Buren and 1st Avenue.

Bus Routes

Valley Metro and Tempe in Motion (TIM) routes that service Tempe campus include ORBIT and Valley Metro routes. Route information can be obtained by contacting 602/253–5000, at Valley Metro and/or TIM customer service at 480/350–2775, or Web site at

Bike Racks

Bike racks are provided on all Valley Metro and TIM, FLASH, the West shuttle, and the Polytechnic shuttle vehicles. Bike racks are also located at each Valley Metro light rail park-and-ride location and in each light rail vehicle. A passenger with a bike may place the bike in the bike rack on the train or stand and hold the bike as long as he/she does not block aisles or doorways.

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For additional information, see PTS 501, “Commuter Options Program.”

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