Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 2/10/1956


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PTS 302: Loading Zones

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To ensure proper use and availability of loading zones

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ASU Parking Rules and Regulations

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Loading zones are indicated by a yellow curb and/or stencil. Loading-zone parking should be used only while loading or unloading equipment, supplies, etc. No person may park in any designated loading zone for more than 20 minutes without prior PTS approval.

Persons who improperly park in a loading zone will be subject to citation.

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Vehicle operators
  1. Use loading zones for authorized purposes only.
If more than 20 minutes is necessary:
  1. Use a dolly and park in assigned permit lot, use a visitor lot (paying appropriate exit fee), or use a pay by plate lot.
Parking and Transit Services
  1. Ensure loading zones are available for authorized users by citing any vehicles parked in violation of the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations and/or this policy.
  2. Vehicles may NOT be permitted to park for longer than the 20-minute time limit without PRIOR approval from PTS.


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For more information on parking citations and appeals, see:

  1. PTS 301, “Parking Citations”


  2. the policies in PTS 400, “Parking Appeals.”

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