Parking and Transit Services Manual (PTS)

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Effective: 2/10/1956

Revised: 3/1/2021

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PTS 301: Parking Citations

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To educate and correct, thereby encouraging compliance with the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations

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Arizona Revised Statutes §§ 15–1627; 28–882
ASU Parking Rules and Regulations

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Anyone parking a vehicle on university property in violation of any section of the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations is subject to citation and/or impoundment/towing.

Parking and Transit Services (PTS) levies and collects all fines for parking violations in accordance with state law and university policy, including the provision of due process through a two-tiered appeal process.

PTS may increase the amount for certain citations to provide a deterrent to repeat offenders. A current accumulation schedule is available at the PTS Web site. Various citations may not be appealed as they are fees for the cost of impoundment and/or storage.

Individual Citation Responsibility

PTS makes the following reasonable presumptions:

  1. The person(s) obtaining a valid ASU permit is responsible for all citations issued to each vehicle registered or displaying that permit.
  2. If anyone with the same address as the registered owner(s) is determined to be associated with the university, then the person at that address is presumed to be the operator of the vehicle receiving a parking citation and is responsible for said citation.


  3. The registered owner of a vehicle will be responsible for all citations issued to that vehicle if no other family member is determined to be associated with the university.

Parking Violation Codes and Descriptions (See ASU Parking Rules and Regulations)

Code Description
1 Failure to pay fee
2 No ASU Permit
3 Improper us of Permit
4 Improper/Failure to display
5 Improper parking
6 Loading Zone Violation
7 Reserved Stall Violation
8 Service Vehicle Stall
9 ADA Violation
10 No Carpool Permit
11 Alternative Fuel Stall
12 Campus Mail Violation
13 Emergency Lane Violation
20 University Vehicle Violation
21 No ASU Service Vehicle Permit Displayed
30 Unauthorized Entry/Exit
31 Lost/Stolen/Counterfeit/Altered Permit
32 Relocation Fee*
35 Boot/Tow Warning*
36 Tailgating Boot/Tow Warning*
40 Impound Fee*
41 Tow Storage Fee*
*Note: Codes are warnings or pass through fees associated with the relocating/booting/impound process and may not be appealed as citations.

Additional Fees associated with stolen or damaged equipment and/or based on services provided by Tow Company (to be added to an account by Dispatch/Office)

Code Description
TDS Tampering, Damaging or stealing university property

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Vehicle operators
  1. Become familiar with and abide by the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations, which include the updated violation codes.
Parking and Transit Services (PTS)
  1. Manage campus access by citing vehicles parked in violation of the ASU Parking Rules and Regulations.
Parking citation recipient
  1. All citations are due upon receipt of the citation, even if the citation is being appealed within the appeal time frame. Payment may be made using the citation envelope issued with each citation, in person at any campus PTS office, or online.
PTS/Accounts Receivable
  1. Take the steps necessary to collect unpaid citations, after due process has been provided. Late fees are added to unpaid citations. After 120 days delinquent, unpaid citations are eligible to be turned over to a collections agency.


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Signed or signing
With respect to parking, means that vehicles must be parked only where spaces have been designated and within a legal parking space. The temporary absence of a sign or gate arm at the entrance of a parking area does not indicate free parking or the removal of the parking restrictions for that area. When restrictions are temporarily lifted or altered, PTS makes every attempt to post notices near the affected area(s) or to contact any affected ASU departments or personnel. Notices are also posted on the PTS Web site.

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For information on bicycle/motorcycle regulations, see the Police Department Policies and Procedures Manual–PDP 207–01, “Tempe Campus Transportation Code.”

For information on parking permits, see the policies in PTS 100, “Permit Sales.”

For information on parking in a loading zone, see PTS 302, “Loading Zones.”

For information on towing and impoundment of vehicles, see PTS 303, “Towing of Illegally Parked Vehicles.”

For information on parking appeals, see the policies in PTS 400, “Parking Appeals.”

For information on motorist assistance services, see PTS 701, “Motorist Assistance Program (MAP).”

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