Police Department Manual (PDP)

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PDP 203–02 Table

If the crime is happening or has just occurred, the victim should dial 911 for an emergency police response and provide information about the suspect, including a physical profile, clothing description, the direction and method of travel, and the type of property stolen.

If the crime occurred previously and an emergency police response is not necessary, the victim:

  1. should call 480/965–3456 to report the crime
  2. should have information about the suspect ready and relay that information to the call taker


  3. once the officer arrives, should give additional information, including but not limited to, descriptions of the property and identifying numbers, marks, or characteristics.

If a vehicle has been stolen, the owner should sign an affidavit guaranteeing the report is factual.

The ASU PD completes a crime report and conducts a preliminary and follow-up investigation(s) as needed.

The victim notifies the insurance company, banks, and credit card companies of the loss, if applicable.

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