Police Department Manual (PDP)

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Effective: 9/1/1963

Revised: 3/1/2010

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PDP 203–02: Reporting Property Crimes

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To provide guidelines for reporting property crimes on university property

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University policy

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The ASU Police Department (ASU PD) responds to every call received concerning a property crime on university property.

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Reporting Property Crime Emergencies

If the crime is ongoing or has happened moments ago, dial 911 or use a call box immediately to notify the ASU Police Department.  If you use a cell phone, there is the likelihood that your call may be answered by a surrounding agency.   Follow the call taker’s instructions and tell them you are on (near) the ASU campus and need immediate help and your call will be directed to the appropriate agency.

Reporting Nonemergency Property Crimes

If an emergency response by the police is not required, call 480/965–3456 to report the crime.

Note: The victim of a property crime will be asked to assist by prosecuting the offenders if they are apprehended and identifying property that belongs to him or her. This means the victim must be willing, if necessary, to go to trial and testify.
If the crime is happening or has just occurred:
  1. Dial 911 for an emergency police response.
  2. Provide information about the suspect, including a physical profile, clothing description, the direction and method of travel, and the type of property stolen.
If the crime occurred previously and an emergency police response is not necessary:
  1. Call 480/965–3456 to report the crime.
  1. Have information about the suspect ready and relay that information to the call taker.  Once the officer arrives, give additional information, including but not limited to, descriptions of the property and identifying numbers, marks, or characteristics.  If the property taken was a vehicle, the owner will be asked to sign an affidavit guaranteeing the report is factual.
ASU Police Department (ASU PD)
  1. Complete a crime report, conduct preliminary and follow-up investigation(s) as needed.
  1. If applicable, notify your insurance company, banks, and credit card companies of the loss.


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For information on reporting emergencies, see:

  1. PDP 101–01, “Reporting an Emergency”


  2. PDP 101–02, “Emergency Call Boxes.”

For information on reporting lost, stolen, or found property, see the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (ACD)—ACD 808, “Lost, Stolen, or Found Property.”

For information on reporting misuse of university assets, see The Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual (ACD)—ACD 123, “Misuse of University Assets.”

For information on reporting stolen petty cash, see the Financial Services Policies and Procedures Manual (FIN)—FIN 403, “Petty Cash Funds for State and Local Accounts.”

For information on reporting stolen equipment, see the Property Control System Policies and Procedures Manual (PCS):

  1. PCS 1101, “Stolen University-Owned Equipment”


  2. PCS 1102, “Stolen Sponsor-Owned Equipment.”

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