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PDP 202–03 Table

The applicant/university representative:

  1. downloads the Permit to Serve Alcoholic Beverages on Campus form, also available at the ASU Police Department (ASU PD) visitor counter, the Office of General Counsel, or Insurance Services
  2. completes the front page of the form, and reads the second page and posts it after approval


  3. submits the completed form at least two weeks before the scheduled event date, in person to the ASU PD, by campus mail (mail code 1812), or by fax to 480/965–2111.

The ASU PD investigator reviews the application, indicates approval or disapproval, and forwards it to Insurance Services. If the application is approved, Insurance Services reviews the application, indicates approval or disapproval, and returns it to ASU PD. ASU PD reviews the application and notifies the applicant of approval or disapproval and faxes the approved application to the applicant.

The applicant/university representative:

  1. picks up the approved application at ASU PD if the form cannot be faxed
  2. displays the approved application and the second page at the event


  3. attends the event and ensures compliance with the regulations for alcohol service.

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