Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 3/1/1984

Revised: 7/1/2012

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PCS 204: Government-Furnished Equipment

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To appropriately control government-furnished equipment

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48 Code of Federal Regulations § 45
United States. Office of Management and Budget. OMB circulars A-21 and A-110
Property Control

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Government-furnished equipment (GFE) may be provided to the university for reasons that the sponsor determines are in the interest of both government and sponsor.

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Commingling GFE and University Equipment

GFE should not be commingled with university equipment unless commingling is consistent with the best use of that equipment in carrying out the terms of the contract. Approval must be obtained from the administrative contracting officer before commingling.

Controlling GFE Equipment

GFE needs to be controlled with extreme care. Accurate records must be maintained on its use, location, and maintenance. The government will schedule periodic audits of GFE whenever desired or whenever needed to fulfill contract requirements.

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The department notifies the sponsored property coordinator immediately upon receipt of government-furnished equipment (GFE).

The sponsored property coordinator:

  1. tags GFE with ASU Property Control tags and government tags when applicable
  2. adds GFE to the Property Control database


  3. records the value of the GFE.

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