Property Control System Manual (PCS)

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Effective: 3/1/1984

Revised: 7/1/2012

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PCS 1201: Reporting Schedule for Government-Owned Property

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To define a property reporting schedule for government-owned property and to include contractor responsibilities to government property administrators

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Federal Acquisition Regulation § 45.502, 505–14
Property Control

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Property Control shall provide annually, or as a sponsor deems necessary, the total acquisition cost of government property for which ASU is accountable under each contract with each agency, including government property at subcontractor plants and alternate locations. ASU is directly responsible and accountable for all government property in accordance with the requirements of the contract. This includes government property in the possession or control of a subcontractor. The contractor shall establish and maintain a system in accordance with this subpart to control, protect, preserve, and maintain all government property. The system shall be reviewed and, if satisfactory, approved in writing by the property administrator.

The following classifications (property classifications may be varied to meet individual agency needs) shall be reported:

  1. land and rights therein
  2. other real property, including utility distribution systems, buildings, structures, and improvements thereto
  3. plant equipment
  4. special tooling
  5. special test equipment
  6. material


  7. agency peculiar property.

Government Inventory Schedule


Agency Form Threshold
Los Alamos Spon $5,000
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories Spon $5,000
Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) 1018 $100,000
CIA 1018 $5,000
US Dept of Interior Spon $5,000
US Dept of Education Spon $5,000
US Dept of Energy Spon $5,000
US Dept of Defense 1018 $5,000
Battelle Spon $5,000
US Coast Guard Spon $5,000
NASA 1018 $100,000
Argonne National Labs Spon $5,000
NREL Spon $5,000
Sandia National Labs Spon $5,000
Space Telescope Science Institute Spon $5,000

The ASU sponsored property coordinator is responsible for preparing and submitting government-owned property reports annually by September 30.

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The sponsored property coordinator will prepare and submit government-owned property reports as follows:

  1. review government inventory schedule for reporting requirement date
  2. query all accounts for each agency
  3. process inventory reports by contract and agency
  4. print reports for contracts
  5. transfer subtotals for special tooling, special test equipment, plant equipment, and material to appropriate government forms
  6. send the original to the agency and a copy to the sponsored contract file
    Note:For Department of Defense, NASA, or JPL, send an original to the Office of Naval Research and a copy to the agency.


  7. update the Sponsored Projects database to indicate that the report was submitted.

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