Financial Services Manual (FIN)

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Effective: 7/1/1991

Revised: 7/1/2022

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FIN 117: Personal Use of University Resources

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To restrict the use of university resources for personal use and to describe the process ASU employees, who have committed any university resources for personal use, must follow to reimburse ASU

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University policy

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ASU employees should not use university property and equipment for personal benefit. However, if incidental personal use does occur, e.g., using a university telephone (stationary or cellular telephone) and incurring toll charges or using a photocopy machine to produce photocopies, the university employee is responsible for reimbursing the university. Payment is to be made at Cashiering Services and deposited to the cost center/program and spend category in which the cost was incurred. If the spend category for the expenditure cannot be determined, use of the spend category "other expenses" is acceptable.

When a university department acquires equipment, such as a cellular telephone, for one of its employees, the equipment must further a university and public purpose, and be specifically needed. The need for a cellular telephone, for example, might be that an employee who is frequently out of the office needs to make or receive calls while out of the office.

Each cost center manager is responsible for monitoring these expenditures on monthly account reconciliation reports and for establishing a procedure within his or her area of responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy on the personal use of university resources.

If ASU employees need to make personal toll telephone calls while at work, the employee should either charge the call to:

  1. their own telephone credit card


  2. their home telephone number.

ASU employees should not use university equipment and property for photocopying or other services. These services should be obtained either from coin-operated machines located on the campus or from an off-campus vendor.

Violation of this policy could, in certain situations, result in the need for a police investigation.

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For more information on the approved uses of university property, see the Property Control System Policies and Procedures Manual—PCS 902, “Personal Use of University Equipment.”

For more information on the boundaries of acceptable uses of ASU computing and communication resources, see the Academic Affairs Policies and Procedures Manual—ACD 125, “Computer, Internet, and Electronic Communications Information Management Policy.”

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