Environmental Health & Safety Manual (EHS)

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EHS 117 Table

The department performs the following:

  1. ensures that all employees affected by this policy receive training, are provided locks, and follow the requirements of the ASU Lockout/Tagout Program or an equivalent department program.
  2. prior to the performance of any work on a piece of equipment with more than one source of energy, ensures the following:
    1. the development of energy control procedures
    2. that all employees affected by these procedures are aware of their location
    3. that all employees know the process for developing a procedure when one does not exist


    4. that all employees follow the requirements of each procedure.

Environmental Health & Safety

  1. provides assistance with technical and monitoring aspects of the Lockout/Tagout Program.
  2. ensures that training meeting the requirements of this policy is available.


  3. ensures that periodic audits of energy control procedures are completed and any deficiencies are addressed.

Employees conduct lockout/tagout operations in accordance with the Arizona State University Lockout/Tagout Program.

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