Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 11/1/1974

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 607–01: Emeritus Status

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To recognize and honor tenured faculty and academic professionals upon retirement

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Office of the Provost of the University

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Academic professionals

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Tenured faculty and academic professionals on continuing appointment may be awarded the title “Emeritus” at retirement. Eligible faculty members will have served the university for a substantial length of time (typically considered to be ten years or more). A department may also recommend that the title “Emeritus” be bestowed on a nontenured faculty member at retirement.

Benefits of Emeritus Status

Benefits of emeritus status include:

  1. the continued use of the following university services and facilities including tuition waivers for family; access to the library; and discounts for athletic activities, cultural events, and ASU Bookstore purchases
  2. membership in the ASU Emeriti Organization
  3. emeriti identification (ID) cards available through the Sun Card Office
  4. a complimentary parking decal available through the Office of the Provost of the University upon recommendation of the department chair
  5. continued access to the university’s electronic mail system and to the centrally provided academic computing facilities, as long as the individual pays all in-home expenses


    upon recommendation of the department chair and approval by the dean:

  6. permission to work on sponsored grants, including serving as principal investigator.
    Note: Requests for continued access to electronic mail and academic computing need to be sponsored by the department chair and renewed each year. Training and assistance in the use of electronic mail and academic computing will be available through regularly scheduled classes.

    Requests to work on sponsored grants should be approved by the department chair and the dean, then forwarded to the director, Office for Research and Sponsored Projects Administration. These requests should be renewed annually, if appropriate.

Benefits for Spouse and Family

Benefits for spouse and family of deceased emeriti are the same as for the spouse and family of living emeriti. Family members should use the emeritus professor’s or academic professional’s identification card, although they may be asked also to show their own picture identification such as a driver’s license.


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