Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 11/1/1974

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 204–04: Royalties from Instructional Materials

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To describe policies governing the sale of instructional materials

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University Senate

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Academic professionals

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Published Professional Instructional Material

ASU encourages and aids faculty members and academic professionals in publishing professional instructional materials, whether in print (e.g., textbooks), electronic (e.g., CDs or software), or other media. The university does not claim any portion of the income in the form of royalties that accrue when the publisher of such work has recognized standing and when copyright has been secured for the instructional materials.

There is no prohibition against the use of such published material by the author in his or her classes (with the collection of related royalties), provided that the textbook, CD, or other material:

  1. has been produced and copyrighted by a recognized, independent publisher at its own expense
  2. has been made available for open sale


  3. has been approved for such use by the dean of the college concerned or by the university librarian if used by a library employee.

Unpublished Material Prepared for Classes or Laboratories

Members of the ASU faculty or academic professionals shall not have any financial interest in or receive compensation from the sale of unpublished material prepared for classes or laboratories.

If faculty or academic professionals prepare educational materials that are copied in any form to be sold for use in class or laboratory work at the university, such material should be prepared by a retail copy center. Such material should be made available through copy centers, the ASU Bookstore, and/or other retail outlets for sale primarily to university students enrolled in courses in which the material is used.

If faculty or academic professionals prepare nonpublished material for sale for class use that is in electronic media (e.g., CDs or software), such material must be made available via the ASU Bookstore or other retail outlets (for costs of material and duplication) primarily to university students enrolled in courses in which the material is used.

Direct Sales to Students and Cooperative Purchases

University faculty and academic professionals shall not make sales directly to students of prepared materials, CDs, books, or publications (in print or electronic media). Cooperative purchases of magazines or other published material (excluding material described in the preceding paragraph) required for a specific course may be coordinated by a faculty member or academic professional with prior approval of the academic unit chair and/or dean/university librarian.

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Exceptions to any section of this policy may be made on appeal to the appropriate academic unit chair in consultation with the dean/university librarian and the provost of the university. In all instances, the welfare of the student and the educational program should be of primary concern.


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