Academic Affairs Manual (ACD)

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Effective: 10/7/1974

Revised: 7/1/2011

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ACD 202–01: Faculty Responsibilities

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To describe the responsibilities of a faculty member

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Arizona Board of Regents Policy Manual 6-201

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Primary Responsibility to a Faculty Member’s Field

The faculty member, guided by a deep conviction of the worth and dignity of the advance of knowledge, recognizes the special responsibilities placed upon faculty members. The primary responsibility to one’s field is to seek and to state the truth as one sees it. To this end, the faculty member devotes time and energy to developing and improving scholarly competence. The faculty member accepts, as well, the obligation to exercise critical self-discipline and judgment in extending and transmitting knowledge.

Definitions of Faculty Responsibilities

Teaching and Instruction

Teaching and instruction include classroom teaching; mentoring, and advising students; directing independent studies, theses, and dissertations; participating in curriculum development; participating in extended education and distance learning; and performing learning outcome assessment activities and other instructional or pedagogical innovations appropriate to the unit.


Service encompasses service to the university, service to the academic profession, and public/community service. Service to the university includes the individual’s expected contribution to: internal committee work and faculty governance activities; a collegial atmosphere at all levels of interaction within the university; departmental and/or diversity goals and minority student recruitment and retention; and ethical/professional behavior as defined in Board of Regents, university, or academic unit policy. Service to the academic profession includes conducting external reviews for journals, academic presses, foundations, and other scholarly and creative venues; holding offices in academic professional organizations; and pursuing other activities as determined by the unit. Public/community service is an extension of the faculty member’s research and teaching activity to the larger community outside the university.

Research, Scholarship, and/or Creative Activities

Research, scholarship, and/or creative activities are defined as intellectual work that advances the academic disciplines, has its significance validated by academic peers or other appropriate outside authorities, and is communicated to peers or other appropriate persons. Such work in its diverse forms (e.g. publications, juried exhibitions/performances) is based on a high level of professional expertise, is original, is documented and validated through peer review or critique, and is communicated in appropriate ways so as to have an impact on or significance for the discipline itself or for publics beyond the university. Research and creative activities encompass all scholarly work, including the scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and instruction.

Assigned Duties at the University

The duties of a faculty member consist of those responsibilities assigned by the president or appropriate administrator, such as the provost of the university, vice president, dean, director, or department chair. Teaching assignments, schedules, and other instructional responsibilities (e.g., maintaining office hours, meeting class in accordance with college policies at all regularly scheduled times and places) shall be carried out under the direction of the president. Duties and responsibilities shall be related to the expertise and competence of the faculty member and may include sponsored or unsponsored research projects, public service activities, committee assignments, or administrative functions. Within the parameters of a faculty member’s assigned responsibilities, he or she shall have the privileges and responsibilities expressed in the approved Board of Regents’ notice of appointment. Teaching, research, scholarship and/or creative activities, and service performance shall be considered in decisions relating to compensation, retention, tenure, promotion, termination, or decisions not to rehire.

Fulfillment of these responsibilities by a faculty member may be considered in any decision relating to that person’s tenure, promotion, retention, termination, or salary.

As a member of the institution, the faculty member should seek above all to be an effective scholar and teacher. The stated regulations of the institution are to be observed, provided they do not contravene academic freedom.

Work Outside the University

The amount and character of work done outside the institution is to be conducted within the guidelines specified in ACD 510–01, “Notification of Consulting or Other Outside Business Activities or Arrangements for Faculty and Academic Professionals,” and with due regard for the faculty member’s paramount responsibilities within the university. All faculty and academic professionals have, as their primary responsibilities, their work assigned at ASU. External work may not create a conflict of commitment.

Termination from the University

When considering the interruption or termination of service, the faculty member must recognize the effect of the decision upon the program of the institution and give due notice of intent.

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