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Charles Wexler Hall

Dedicated in 1977, the building was named in honor of Charles Wexler, the founding chairman of the Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, in appreciation of his outstanding service to the university from 1930 until 1977. Wexler was also the recipient of ASU’s Distinguished Teacher Award in 1973.


The A Wing is home to the School of Mathematics and Statistical Sciences and The LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science. It consists of a three-story classroom structure and an eight-story office structure.


If you’re a stargazer, you’ll want to visit F Wing where you’ll find the ASU Planetarium. The Planetarium, affiliated with the School of Earth and Space Exploration, offers a schedule of programs suitable for both children and adults and is available for field trips of all age groups.

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Charles Wexler Hall
Charles Wexler HallCharles Wexler Hal
Street Address

A Wing, 901 S. Palm Walk
B Wing, 875 S. Palm Walk
C Wing, 851 S. Palm Walk
D Wing, 825 S. Palm Walk
E Wing, 501 E. University Dr.
F Wing, 550 E. Tyler Mall
H Wing, 525 E. University Dr.

Tempe, AZ 85281

Building Code