Why is it important to follow the guidelines in the Graphic Standards Manual?
Everyone involved in communications at ASU has a responsibility to apply the identity in a consistent and accurate way. This Graphic Standards Manual contains guidelines for the proper use of the identity. It describes authorized usage for communication of all kinds. Any exceptions to the requirements of the Graphic Standards Manual must be approved by the President's Office.
May I use Sparky on our fliers and t-shirts, and who do I talk to for approval to use him?

The official ASU mascot, Sparky, is reserved for use by athletics and officially registered student organizations. University offices and employees may not use Sparky on publications or on web sites. Student organizations registered with the Student Organizations Resource Center (SORC-Tempe campus) may use Sparky on fliers or t-shirts with approval from the ASU Trademark Management Coordinator (480-965-5499).

Registered student organizations on the East Campus should contact the Director of Student Activities (480-727-1215).

Registered student organizations on the West Campus should contact the Student Life Graphic Designer (602-543-8155), for the authorized digital files.

When may I use the seal?
The Seal of the University represents the highest ideals and mission of the university and is, therefore, used on formal and official documents, such as diplomas, transcripts and contracts. It is also used to recognize excellence in academics and service, such as on certificates to honor completion of an academic specialization or in recognition of a retirement. You must receive permission from the President's Office to use the seal.
Where can I download ASU photos?
Go to ASU Photographic Services to view and download recent and available photographs taken in and around ASU.
What are the university fonts?
Perpetua and Frutiger are the fonts that complement the logo and word mark. To obtain these typefaces, please contact the AGFA/Monotype Consumer Sales Manager at 1-800-424-8973, extension 5955.
What is the procedure for approval of a secondary logo?
The President's Office must approve a secondary logo before it is used in print or on the web. Submit a brief description of the unit or program, a justification for why a secondary logo is desired, how it will be used and in what medium, and who the target audience is.
May students have ASU business cards?
No, individual students, student workers, members of student organizations, and graduate students may not have business cards with the ASU logo or word mark. Officers and paid staff members of Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU) are granted permission to have ASU business cards, with specific requirements.
May I print a double-sided business card?
The back side of an ASU business card may only be used for foreign translations and mission statements of a unit.
Where can I go for help with the design of a publication and use of the ASU logo?
Design Print Services is the place to go for help with the design of a publication including use of the ASU logo. You can call Design Print Services at 480-965-3529 or visit them in the Ritter Building room B152.
May businesses and individuals outside of the university use the logos and marks of the university?
Entities external to the university must have approval from the ASU Trademark Management Coordinator (480-965-5499) to use one of the marks.


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