How do I start a new club?
Starting a new club is easy. But before you start a new club, visit or stop by the SORC office to research whether a similar organization exists. Currently, about 700+ student clubs are registered with the SORC and there is a likelihood that a club already exists similar to the one you are looking to start.
In order to be eligible to start a new club, the following is required –
  • A constitution that outlines how the organization will govern itself.The Constitution will need to be uploaded online while completing the organization profile. A sample constitution is available for your reference -
  • A completed Organization profile (to be completed online via online registration system at
  • Roster of members, comprised of at least 3 ASU students and a faculty or a staff advisor

How do I register my club?
Registration of student organizations is an annual process and must be completed each academic year. Beginning fall 2009, student organizations at all of ASU’s campuses will be able to register their clubs online through OrgSync. A representative from the organization is required to attend a mandatory information session conducted by the SORC prior to registration. The following documents are required for registration:

  •    A completed registration form (to be completed on OrgSync).
  •    Roster of members comprised of at least 3 ASU students and a faculty or a staff advisor.
  •    A signed advisor commitment letter. Download the advisor commitment letter from OrgSync and have your advisor sign it. Then drop of the signed letter with the SORC or upload a scanned copy of the letter on OrgSync.
  •    A constitution that outlines how the organization will govern itself. A sample constitution is available for reference -

What is OrgSync?

OrgSync is the new software adopted by ASU to help student organizations manage their membership and improve communication within the organization as well as with the SORC. OrgSync also offers student organizations an array of online options including:

  •      A customizable page for your organization where you would be able to post upcoming events and meetings, your organization mission, welcome message etc ( much like a webpage)
  •      Improved communication within members through wall posts, mass text messaging and discussion boards.
  •      Storage of important organization files including your constitution and bylaws, meeting minutes, sponsorship information, notes from past events, etc.
  •       Better organization, through event and meeting tracking (attendance tracking), distributed news and to-do lists, and paperless forms. 
  •       Improved membership and retention. Inviting new members to join is as simple as a click of a button.  This is also a great tool to keep in touch with graduated members.

If you would like to check out OrgSync, visit: or

I want to get involved in something but don’t know what. Is there someone I can talk to?
Stop by the SORC offices on the 3rd floor of the MU to talk to any of our staff members. There are a variety of options available to students looking to get involved from starting a new club to becoming a member of an existing club or coalition to running for student government or volunteering for a community service project. You can check a listing of student clubs online at

Are there fees required to join a student organization?
In most cases, no. Many of the 700+ student clubs are social organizations and participate in fundraising activities to raise the necessary money for t-shirts, pizza parties and other activities. Greek life organizations and Scholastic Honoraries often have registration fees.

Where can I find contact information and names of people in a certain club?
The best way to find club contact information is online at You can search for the club you are looking for either by category or alphabetically. The website lists the name of the club, the mission statement, the president, the advisor, and contact email.

Why does my club need to be registered with the SORC?
Registering a club with the SORC has many advantages. Here are a few of them –
    • Reserving meeting space on campus
    • Eligibility to apply for mail boxes and club storage space through the SORC
    • Tabling privileges on the mall
    • Server space on University computers, including website hosting and organizational email accounts and listservs
    • Qualifying for funding through ASASU (including USG and GPSA), Campus Environment Team or DAPB (Diversity Awareness Programming Board)
    • Conducting fundraisers on campus including sponsoring an outside vendor
    • Consultation with SORC staff members on organizational issues.

I just turned in a registration packet for my club. How do I know if it has been registered or not?
Do an online search for your club at You can either search by category or alphabetically. If your club information pulls up online, it means that your club has been registered with the SORC. Note that only registered club information will be made available online.

How can I find a faculty or staff advisor?
Students should select an advisor who has an interest in the club, whether as a hobby, a career interest or through their teaching discipline. Sit down with the potential advisor to discuss goals of the club, and determine realistic expectations for the club officers/members and the advisor.

My advisor is currently out of town. Can I turn in my registration packet without his/her signature?
Please have your advisor email in lieu of the signature. We will print this email and put it away in your file.



How do I get a mailbox for my club?
Mailboxes are assigned on a yearly basis. Please see a SORC staff member if you would like to request a mailbox. Student Organization mailboxes are located on the 3rd floor of the MU close to the SORC information desk.

Can I get storage space for my club through the SORC?
Yes. File cabinets and storage space is available for organizations on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact a SORC staff member.

Where can I make copies for publicizing club activities?
Print U Copy Center (Union Station in lower level of the MU) offers each registered student organization 100 free black and white copies per semester or 10 color copies to be used for publicizing club activities, events, and meetings. Copies left unused in the fall semester will not roll over to spring. The only officer authorized to make copies is the club President. NOTE: Club president would need to indicate the name of his/her student organization PRIOR to making copies. For more information contact 480-965-COPY (5-2679) or via email at

How do I open a Bank account?

The Arizona Credit Union and Wells Fargo Bank (both in the MU) and most banks allow clubs to set-up accounts under the organization’s name. Your club will be required to provide:

  • Proof that it is an official registered club through the SORC
  • Tax identification number
  • Two co-signers with photo ID, one of whom must be the club advisor ( for transition purposes)
  • Meeting Minutes with officers listed

Do I need a tax ID for my organization?

Any student organization that will raise money and, therefore, spend money, will need to maintain proper financial accounts for the group. Bank accounts should not be the same as any one individual’s account and should be set up by applying for a Tax ID or EIN specific to the student organization. The organization should file Form SS-4 with the IRS to apply for this number.

How can I obtain a Tax ID?
Go to the following website to obtain Form SS-4 and instructions:

Online Application:

Online EIN instructions:,,id=102765,00.html

Clubs can also print the above form at and mail completed form to

EIN Operation
Philadelphia, PA 19255
Tele-TIN (800) 829-4933
Fax- TIN (859) 669-5760

To verify if your organization already has a tax ID number, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 (Mention the name of your student organization and the University).

PLAN AHEAD!!!  Processing may take 2-4 weeks.  If your organization has an event before that time period, you may be able to ask the employer/agency (i.e. working concessions) to write “pending” on the required reporting form.  When your organization has received the Federal Tax ID Number, provide it to the employer/agency.

How can I open a Listserv/shared electronic mailing list for my club?
To create a listserv, you must have a faculty or staff member (typically your advisor) ‘sponsor’ you.You will need to submit a Request for a ListServ - Information on the administration and use of Listserv lists is available at



Where can I find a list of possible locations for hosting a club event?
Both the SORC Event Planning Guide and the SORC 2008-09 Handbook offer a list of possible locations with contact information. The event planning guide and the handbook are available online at under Forms.

How do I reserve a room in the MU?

The MU offers meeting rooms with a wide variety of setups and amenities. You can make a reservation for a room in the following ways –
  • Via telephone at 480-965-3406
  • Via email at
  • Walk in during regular business hours (8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m., M-F). Events and Meeting Services is located on the first floor of the MU ( MU 182) behind the information desk.

How can I reserve a classroom in an academic building?

  • Your club must be registered with the SORC.
  • Send an email to with the name of your organization, faculty/staff adviser, club president and one alternate for scheduling.
  • Once that is completed, visit the classroom scheduling website at and reserve a room by clicking on the ‘Request Events’ tab on the left.
  • Note that only authorized club members are allowed to book rooms (typically the club president).
  • Once the reservation is complete, a confirmation will be sent to the person authorized to make the reservation. For questions, email or call 480-965-6578.

I would like to rent two microphones and a speaker for use in the classroom. Who can I contact?
Audio, visual and computer equipment can no longer be rented out to student organizations from Classroom Support. Equipment may be requested by faculty, staff and graduate/research assistants teaching in University classrooms. Available equipment includes document cameras, DVD/VCR combo units, microphones and receivers and public address systems. All University classrooms are mediated with an instructor teaching station equipped with a computer (PC or Mac), video projector, projection screen and sound system. This equipment is for the use of faculty teaching in the University classrooms. Even if the advisor of the club gives authorization to the club, the equipment will not be given out.

Will our club be charged if we end up not using our room reservation?
Yes. No-shows and last minute cancellations will be charged. For specific policy, check with the particular department you are making a reservation with.

What is the procedure for reserving tables on the mall?
Visit or contact MU Events and Meeting Services at 480-965-3406 and fill out an Outdoor Space Request form. Tables and chairs are checked out between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 am in PE West Room 110. Tables are returned to the same location between the hours of 1:45 and 2:45 pm. First failure to return the equipment will result in a $25 labor fee to retrieve the equipment, a second occurrence will result in loss of mall privileges for 4 weeks of the academic year.  If the equipment can't be located the organization will be charged replacement cost plus $25 labor fee to search for equipment.

My club is planning an outdoor event on Hayden lawn. How do I reserve this space?
Registered student organizations can schedule use of Hayden lawn through MU Events and Meeting Services. To reserve Hayden lawn, submit an Outdoor Event Request form at least two weeks prior to event.  If Hayden lawn is not available for your preferred dates, you can try the Student Services lawn or Zone 3, located just north of the MU.

Can I play music on Hayden lawn?
Amplification is allowed in Spaces 3, 6, and 30. Sound must face south in Space 6 (Hayden lawn) and east in Space 30. Hours during which amplification may occur are: Tuesday and Wednesday 11:30 am to 1:00 pm not to exceed 85 decibels at 30 feet; Monday, Thursday and Friday 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, Monday to Friday 5:00 pm to 10 pm, Saturday 8:00 am to 10:00 pm not to exceed 70 decibels at 30 feet. Bands with full drum kits and electric instruments are only allowed on Tuesday and Wednesday, and are limited to one of the three amplified spaces per day.

Where can I find more information on mall spaces and zones?

How can I reserve a stage and a sound system for an outdoor event?
A small stage (16 x 12) and a sound system can be reserved through Events and Meeting Services at least 2 weeks prior to event. You will need to email Facilities Management at to schedule stage delivery and set-up.



What are some ideas for fundraisers?

  • The Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Graduate Professional Students Association (GPSA), Diversity Awareness Programming Board (DAPB) and the Campus Environment Team (CET) each has funding to allocate to student organizations. Visit their respective websites for funding calendar, application, and deadlines.
  • Sodexho Sports and Leisure provides opportunities for student clubs to staff concession stands during special events and get paid per person that works.
  • A letter campaign to relatives, friends, and co-workers is another efficient way to do grassroots fundraising.
  • A rummage sale is a good way to sell your possessions and raise funds.
  • Try to get the owner of a restaurant to give you a certain percentage of the sales if your members and friends bring in a flier when they purchase on a specific night.
  • Pre-sell tickets to car wash to your friends, faculty and staff on the mall at ASU
  • Your club can also raise money by designing and selling T-shirts. If you are planning to use any university names or logos, you must first contact ASU Trademark and Licensing at 965-5499.
  • Collecting membership dues is yet another easy and obvious way to raise funds for your club.
My club has been appropriated funding by USG? How do I spend the money?
  • Your first step in spending any funds should be to contact the ASASU Business Office for consultation.  Many times they can pay for your expenses directly –avoiding a time consuming reimbursement.  The ASASU Business Office is located in MU 310C.
  • All requests must have a completely filled out RFF (Request for ASASU Funds).  In the case of a reimbursement, the RFF must have the person or group that actually paid for the expense listed as the one being reimbursed.
  • Any request involving food must include a completed Business Meals form and a list of attendees of the event.  Any food purchased must have an itemized receipt.  If you are using Aramark, ASASU can pay this expense directly for you.
  • If your group is being reimbursed and they have never been paid before in the Accounts Payable system, we will need a Substitute W-9 in order to add this group to the Vendor Tables.
  • If a speaker or performer is being paid, we will need a DPSO form (Departmental Professional Services Order).  Per accounting policy, we must pay the speaker or performer directly.  A student or group is not allowed to pay for their honorarium/expenses and then be reimbursed.  They will also need a W-9 for the speaker or performer.
  • Any groups receiving funds toward travel expenses also need to work with the ASASU Business Office before they make any travel arrangements so that proper procedures can be followed and it can be determined which expenses can be paid directly.
  • Student organizations may use an ASASU Purchasing Card (P-Card) for certain purchases.  To use a P-Card, please make a reservation with the ASASU Business Office 24 hours in advance.  You will need to have all your paperwork completed and signed by an USG officer before you are allowed to check out the P-Card.  The P-Card cannot be kept overnight.
  • Please review the list of prohibitive expenses for the University at Regardless of what has been appropriated, the University cannot pay  for certain items.  Requests that have been common from student organizations include:  flowers and live plants; gifts and/or gift certificates; charitable organization donations and their events; and, parking fines.
Can our club sell products or solicit funds on campus?

Yes. Sales and solicitation are allowed on Cady Mall, Hayden lawn, and the Student Services lawn. Registered student organizations or university departments must submit an Outdoor Event Request Form to Event and Meeting Services, Room 182 in the Memorial Union (MU), at least two weeks prior to the event in order to sell services or commodities or to solicit funds on campus. If the request is approved, the organization may sell or solicit for a designated time, as determined by Event and Meeting Services, during a regular five-day class week.

Can my club sponsor an outside vendor to sell their products on campus as part of our fundraising activities?
Yes. Your first step is to contact MU Events and Meeting services. The vendor would need to pay a registration fee to the MU (typically about $100 per semester) and a sponsorship fee to the sponsoring club (about $75). Additionally, the 3rd party vendor would need to show proof of insurance and sign a Sales agreement -
For insurance questions and/or to purchase one day ASU insurance contact Cheryl Carlyle at Insurance Services (480.965.1851) -


My club is planning to host a welcome breakfast in MU Coconino. What are some things to remember while planning events with food?
Aramark/Sun Devil Dining is the exclusive caterer contracted to provide food for events in the Memorial Union and Residence Halls. Atlasta Catering is contracted to provide food for the University Club. Sodexho Sports and Leisure is contracted with Intercollegiate Athletics.For catering at Gammage Auditorium, Sun Dome and Kerr Cultural Center,contact ASU Public Events. For events taking place in other ASU facilities or outside areas, the three ASU contracted catering companies should be contacted first. If the three contracted caterers cannot meet the food service needs, food can be selected from a vendor on the Approved Food Providers Lists available online at Occasionally, events involve special food requirements that cannot be prepared by ASU contracted caterers or approved caterers. A food waiver application must be submitted to the Memorial Union Administration Office #M182, 14 days prior to event under those special circumstances.

Is there a reason why student organizations have to use exclusive caterers for on-campus events?
To mitigate physical risks arising from food borne illnesses, it is required that you use an exclusive caterer for on campus events.

When can a food waiver request be submitted?
A Food Waiver Request Application needs to be submitted under those special circumstances where ASU contracted caterers do not meet the needs of the event. Those circumstances are outlines below –
  • Authorized Fundraiser Event: Food and beverage items must be prepared and packaged by a food manufacturer, supermarket or an approved caterer from the Approved Food Providers List. All purchased baked goods must be pre-packaged prior to the event. No home prepared food or drink is allowed.
  • Donation (Food and beverage items donated and served at the event): Donations require a letter from each donating establishment (on their company letterhead) explaining the purpose of the donation. The letter must be submitted with the food waiver application. Food and beverage items must be obtained from a food manufacturer, supermarket or caterer from the Approved Food Providers List. An authorized food service vendor must dispense donated perishable food items requiring preparation, cooking, hot or cold service and storage.
  • Special Menu: A Food Waiver Request Application must be submitted if Aramark agrees that they cannot adequately provide the desired menu for an event or if a caterer from the Approved Caterer List cannot prepare a special food or menu item. In these cases, the specific vendor is required to submit the same tax, license, and insurance documents as those caterers on the approved list.
  • Giveaways: Food and beverage items (including wrapped candy) handed out as an incentive to attract people to an event or display table must be purchased through a food manufacturer.

Note: Even when using an Approved Caterer you must submit a completed Food Waiver Request.

How do I get a food waiver?
Food waiver applications can be obtained online at Completed applications will need to be submitted to MU Administration office #182 at least 14 days prior to event.

My organization is planning to giveaway candy that will be bought from the Devil’s Market in the MU. Do I need to request a food waiver?
No. Devil’s Market is part of Sun Devil Dining Services/Aramark and hence does not require a food waiver.

If my club uses a caterer from the approved caterers list, do I still need to submit a food waiver application?
Yes. A food waiver application needs to be submitted anytime an authorized exclusive caterer is not used for an event.

Can my club hold a ‘homemade’ bake sale as part of our fundraising efforts?
No homemade food or drink is allowed. You can have a ‘bake sale’, but food would need to be purchased by a food manufacturer, supermarket or an approved caterer from the Approved Food Providers List.



Our club is planning to design and sell T-shirts on Hayden lawn. Can we use the ASU logo?
No. The ASU sunburst logo cannot be used. Sparky can be used with permission from the ASU trademark office (480-727-7848). For more information, please see the ASU graphic standards manual at You would also need to contact MU Events and Meeting services to fill out an Outdoor Space Request form to sell T-shirts on Hayden lawn.

May I use Sparky on our fliers and t-shirts, and who do I talk to for approval to use him?
The official ASU mascot, Sparky, is reserved for use by athletics and officially registered student organizations. University offices and employees may not use Sparky on publications or on web sites. Student organizations registered with the Student Organizations Resource Center (SORC-Tempe campus) may use Sparky on fliers or t-shirts with approval from the ASU Trademark Management Coordinator (480-965-5499).

Where can I find more information on ASU trademark and licensing regulations?
Visit the ASU graphic standards manual website at for more information.

Where can I post flyers on campus?
Flyers can be posted on kiosks around campus without prior approval. Materials may be posted on bulletin boards or message boards inside buildings subject to the requirements of the department or unit that maintains the board. No materials may be posted on any other objects or surfaces like vehicles, buildings, parking structures, light poles, trash receptacles, trees, plants, planters or sidewalks. Stakes with flyers may be driven in planters around campus but not on mall areas.

What is ASU’s policy on chalking?
Chalking is strongly discouraged for two reasons. The mall areas are cleaned on a regular basis and you can spend hours chalking one day only to find it washed away the next. Secondly, an overzealous member of your club could chalk on buildings and sidewalks which is prohibited.

Can my club host an off-campus event with alcohol?
Per ASU policy, off-campus events with alcohol can be hosted only by a licensed, insured third party vendor. Visit the third party vendor checklist at



What forms do I need to fill out before undertaking travel (including group travel) Can I use my personal vehicle for club-related travel? What are some other transportation options?
Students are discouraged from using personal vehicles for organization-related travel. When a personal vehicle must be used for organization travel, the driver assumes all liability associated with the trip. Whenever possible, student organizations should use chartered bus/van service for transportation. ASU has contracts for group transportation with a list of approved bus charter companies. Contact information can be found at the following website: .



How can I find out what’s going on around campus?
A calendar of ASU events can be viewed at

Can I borrow a movie/video from the ASU library for use in an event sponsored by our club?
Yes, if the title has been purchased by the library with public performance rights and if there are no license conditions prohibiting such use and if the intended use is educational and non-profit in nature. Popular movies generally do not have public performance rights, and may not be borrowed for use outside the classroom except for private use.

Where can I check for policy updates and announcements that would impact my club?
Check the SORC website at for latest announcements and updates. You can also check out the SORC e-newsletters sent out every week to your club email address. 

Where can I obtain more risk management information?
The SORC information sessions offered every Spring and Fall have a separate section on risk management. Risk Management workshops are also offered periodically by the SORC. For details on upcoming SORC information sessions and workshops, visit Stop by the third floor of the MU and speak with any of our SORC staff or email You can also call the SORC at 480-965-9665.


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