Funding Options

Registered student organizations are able to get funding for their activities and operations from a variety of sources. Each source sets its own restrictions on and processes for funding so please review the "Main Funding Sources" table below to find out which type of funding source your group is able to apply for.

Fundrasing Packet
Recommended Cash and Inventory Procedures
Cash handling and inventory control are two high-risk areas for any organization. Student organizations are no exception. As such, the following guidelines have been developed to assist student leaders with establishing controls to reduce the risk associated with cash handling and inventory.

A book of additional funding sources and possible vendors to sponsor is available at the Student Organization Resource Center office on the 3rd floor of the Memorial Union.

Note: Bake sales and raffles have several restrictions by ASU and the State of Arizona, respectively. It is recommended that your group avoid these types of fundraisers.

Main Funding Sources

These are the main sources of funding for student organizations. Each source sets its own restrictions on and processes for funding.
Registered student organizations are eligible to request funding through Associated Students of Arizona State University (ASASU). Registered organizations are encouraged to seek funding for programs that strive to further the educational enrichment, cultural development, and institutional integrity of the student body on campus. Requests for information on funding should be directed to ASASU at 480-965-3161.
  • Sponsor a Vendor on the ASU malls- $75 per day
  • Staffing concession stands - contact Michelle Kubik at Sodexo Sports & Leisure at 480-965-9137  
  • Aramark employs registered student clubs for set up and tear down during large events. Contact Jim Emmons at for details.
  • Percentage of sales - some restaurants offer student organizations a percentage of the sales they earn on a certain night. Contact your local restaurant for more information.
Club Dues/Fees
try to contact groups with a similar goal or purpose as your organization.

Programming & Activities Board
This board was established as a funding and collaboration mechanism for diversity programming. With these changes, DAPB developed a new focus involving increased diversity programming and collaboration among all campus organizations.

Additional Funding Options

There are a variety of fundraisers available to your organization, from working at special events to sales on the mall. A fundraising binder is available for review at SORC.

CET (Campus Environment Team)
Chair, via President's office
Phone #: 480-965-4840


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