University Facility Use

You can reserve a meeting room or mall space for your event through Event and Meeting Services, for more information contact the office at (480) 965-3406 or stop by their office located on the main level of the Memorial Union behind the Information Desk.

All student organizations are asked to adhere to the Campus Event Facility Guidelines, please read this document for more information. If you have any questions please contact Event and Meeting Services.

Use of University Facilities

Registered student organizations may use academic buildings, campus properties and facilities for activities consistent with the University's educational, public service and research purposes. Registered student organizations may request use of facilities for such purposes as organizational meetings, lectures, concerts, etc. Other institutions, state or federal agencies, charitable or civic organizations, or commercial organizations may, at the discretion of the University, use University facilities. If your request to use a facility on campus is for a community event, as opposed to an organization meeting or activity, the University requires proof of insurance and an indemnity. Any registered student organization that assumes responsibility as a sponsoring organization of an event or activity may be responsible for costs incurred as a result of an event, including but not limited to guarantees, insurance, security, damages, facility fee (if any), and staging arrangements.

Use of Outdoor Programming Areas (malls or lawns)

Registered student organizations may schedule the use of any programming area and mall (walkways) to recruit members or conduct a program or activity. Event and Meeting Services are responsible for scheduling common areas on campus, i.e., Cady Mall, Orange Mall, Hayden Lawn, Student Services Lawn, Orange Mall, and portions of Tyler Mall and Palm Walk.

Amplified events will only be approved during the hours of 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM in areas designated by Event and Meeting Services. Organizations must notify the appropriate offices 2 weeks prior to the activity. A list of contacts is available at the Student Organization Resource Center.

Organizations will be approved for 1 amplified event per month (unless the organization is engaging in a collaborative project). For more information contact Event and Meeting Services (located on the 1st floor of the Memorial Union, Room 182, behind the Information Desk).

The Board of Regents delegates the President of the University authority to establish facility use fees where appropriate. Check with the appropriate facility manager for a fee schedule of their facilities.

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