Role of the Advisor

Advisor Commitment

Dear Student Organization Advisor,

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) appreciates your commitment to serve as an advisor to a registered student organization at Arizona State University. The advisor plays an integral role in helping student leaders create an environment within their organizations that is productive, safe, enjoyable, and educational.

To adjust to the changing dynamic of higher education, and to advance a proactive risk management strategy at Arizona State University, the SORC believes it is important to provide clear guidance and support regarding the expected role you will play as a facilitator advisor.

As an advisor you agree:

  • That you are an employee (person employed by the university on a full- or part-time basis, including academic professionals, administrators, classified staff, faculty, and service professionals) at Arizona State University and that you will notify SORC immediately if your employment status changes.
  • To assist your student organization in developing realistic goals for the academic year. This will contribute to the educational and personal development of the students involved.
  • To be familiar with the student organization's constitution and all other governing documents, so that you may advise effectively.
  • To attend executive office, general meetings, and organization events when possible.
  • To receive and review monthly financial reports from the organization's treasurer.
  • To encourage the officers of the organization to share information with the general membership.
  • To assist in the orientation of new members and with the transition process each year.
  • To be familiar with the Arizona Board of Regents Student Code of Conduct and other institutional guidelines that establish expectations for student behavior and activities.
  • To guide the group and its officers to established policies, answer policy questions, and explain the consequences for choosing to operate outside their parameters.

The SORC will continue to be a resource for you as an advisor in a variety of capacities. In an effort to provide enhanced resources and guidance for advisors, the SORC and Student Risk Management have introduced the Advisor Development Series. Topics addressed in these sessions include event planning, travel, fundraising, and organizational development. In addition, the SORC will also provide advisors with relevant articles, newsletters, and professional development opportunities throughout the year. For more information about these resources, please continue to visit the SORC website or contact SORC.



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