Call it something
seen unwittingly
relegated to a
given distance
insoluble as it
might seem starred
thought in the
image of action
insoluble letters
not meaning "and
it occurred to me"
how quiet of events
in store are you
not geometric as
the end of the
world is a purple
boat last of the
red hot elegists
call it borrowed
preposition mere-
tricious congruence
always very brief
some ocean of
obstacle actual (in
yourself) one stan-
dard or the other
borrowed at the
core of who looks
for what's lost as
if pass away for-
mally near to makes
two of you

The stone soldier will dine with us
we may hold his hand (we
hold it still
it might be cold (and sound
like silk
exceptional thee imagination
were about to leave when
opening a fan
"my stranger"

Take another name because it's so
crowded by symmetry
it's a given embroidered between
tomorrows yawning
come murder time with us!make
a face

For a child of the happy mean
the end of history is happy--
I could be wrong!--attention
is not being attention
I am asleep I am dead I am found
at the Ministry of Unrest
in the winter of smaller movements
each mit brushstroke the same
in a smaller ground base

Norma Cole

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